Happy Spring and What it Brings!

Hello Everyone

If you are anything like me you realize that with each new season comes new responsibilities. Many of us have been taught that with Spring comes Spring Cleaning! For some this can be a wonderful creative and liberating process, for others it is simply a drag. For me, the Spring cleaning bug always seems to bite me at the first of the year as I make way for new opportunities and new growth for the coming year so by the time Spring finally does roll around I can dig a little deeper and let go of more “Stuff and Baggage” that has been weighing me down. It is kind of like raking the leaves away from the fall to prepare to plant new seeds for the Spring and Summer.

Getting Rid of things you don’t need

I am always amazed at how each time I get rid of something physically-there is such a relief emotionally as if a weight is being lifted off my shoulders. With our recent life changes on the rise-I have been finding that everything that I pick up or touch has to have a place-I will be darned if I am going to handle something two or three times before it finds its place. My time is precious to me and while I want to be here sorting out all my “stuff” I also want to make sure that I am utilizing my time well. So I have set aside three stations that I have been working with. –

A box that holds things to give away to friends, family and church members,
Recycling bins  for throwing away-piles of paper, magazines, broken things and of course garbage.
Containers, Boxes and Bags  of things that are special and meaningful and going with us to our next home.

Call me crazy but this process is working out really well. I enjoy the ease and time it takes to be able to go through these things-As soon as I pick an item up-I know where it is going to go and “the putting it in the right place” is very liberating and rewarding to me.

We can consider this same kind of filtering to be used during our day as things come up for us to look at. For example:
*That which needs to be thrown away-You may simply have no use for anymore-It does not serve you-this could be thoughts, ideas, words, actions, habits etc…

*That which you want to keep-May deserve some time to explore and go deeper with.

*And that which needs to be given away-Is simply telling you that whether you have dreams, wishes, desires or worries, concerns and changes that you want to make-You would do a lot better if you would just let some one else in to help you with it, to share the heavy load or to support your dream, wish and or idea.

Spring Cleaning

When we do that-Spring Cleaning takes on a bigger meaning-Out with the old-In with the new-Sweeping away the dust and cobwebs to shine up the surface for something wonderful that is already there to be seen in a new light.

With that being said-I am really looking forward to putting more inspirational, empowering and enlightening little articles up here for you!

Warm Spring Blessings,
Renee Guidelli

 Awaken Butterfly
Renee Guidelli is a life coach, motivational speaker and the founder of Heart Centered Living where she offers services, products and events that inspire, balance and empower the heart. She has been working with individuals and groups of people for over 15 years helping them make positive changes in their lives. If you are interested in a free consultation to see how she can help you email her at reneeguidelli@frontiernet.net.

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