The Season for Change

Greetings friends and Happy Spring!!

Well, at least we are feeling it inside right? Do you notice that even though the sun might not be shining or flowers blooming there is something stirring inside of you?

What is stirring inside of you?

Something that is making you want to do more than just sit around waiting for Spring to come? Maybe it is here but not the way we think or expect. As I look at the month and the energy of April I see it as the season for change.

What does that mean for us? To you personally? When we take off our day clothes and change into our night clothes, we are preparing ourselves for sleep. When we take out our light and colorful spring wardrobe and put away our heavy and dark winter wardrobe, we prepare for the change of the season. Either way it is preparation for “what’s to come”.

“The only one thing in our life that is constant is change”

CrocusSo what does any of this have to do with change? The only one thing in our lives that is constant is “change” that we are sure of and that we experience with every breath we take whether awake or asleep.

“True change comes from a much deeper place, the core, the center, the source of who you are!” It is more than lip service, it is more than believing and it is even more than “fake it till you make it.” Those days are over and we see it ALL over the world: in our homes, in our communities and if we really take a moment and go within we know it to be true for ourselves as well.

True change is letting go of what stops you from your own divine birthright to happiness, compassion, love and joy. True change occurs knowing that something better is out there for you: a better relationship, your dream job, a healthy body, even WORLD PEACE!

Butterfly and womanLetting go does not mean you give up, it does not mean that you are weak; it does not mean that you lose yourself in some one else’s agenda, or rules or governing body. It simply means you surrender your will to a greater purpose, a greater vision for yourself and the world we live in. It already exists-you just need to align with it and know that it is there for you waiting for you to claim it. Be it. So how do you go about that, you ask? In order to let go of something you have to get clear on what you want to put in place of it.

Getting Crystal Clear

Getting crystal clear on what you want or need becomes the catalyst for allowing something else to happen. Even if you don’t know what that might be, KNOW that the possibility exists the minute that you decide it does and no longer put your energy into anything that keeps you from what you want to experience.

We know about change, but what about transformation? True transformation is about mining for the gold, but being willing to get your hands dirty. It’s about recognizing that we don’t just change our clothes for the season but instead become completely aware of all that the season offers us, the good, the bad and the ugly. When this happens our  whole being becomes one with what is around us-the more aware we are of what is around us, the easier it is to prepare and adapt to what we need, what we deserve and what our divine birthright is. Butterfly transformation

let me help you align with your purpose, your reason for this season and contact me at 607-226-2354 or email me at for a free consultation.

Know you are meant to do great things and you will. You may be already doing it, you just need to know it, taste it, feel it, be it. That is true change, that is true transformation.

I leave you with one of my favorite songs that says it all. Close your eyes and listen with an open heart, allow yourself to align with the words in this song and let’s begin the transformation together.

Renee Guidelli is a life coach, motivational speaker and the founder of Heart Centered Living where she offers services, products and events that inspire, balance and empower the heart. She has been working with individuals and groups of people for over 15 years helping them make positive changes in their lives. If you are interested in a free consultation to see how she can help you email her at

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