Conquering Clutter for clarity, control and creativity

Happy Spring ( I think)

I don’t know about you but the Spring Cleaning Bug has hit me early this year.  For a few weeks now, I have been looking at ways to “clean” all around me and it really hit me when I was vacuuming the other day how when you have the right tool for the right job you can do anything.

I certainly do not need to remind you how challenging the winter was for all of us. I think if anything we all learned a lot about what we can handle, how to handle it, and how to ask for help when we need it. With that being said, it also gave us a lot to think about-especially if you were stuck inside with nothing else to do but think, or be, or even play for that matter. Yes even play (-:

But really it gave us an opportunity to perfect our game, read books on subjects that we have always wanted to learn, take on projects that have been sitting around for ages, experiment with different types of comfort food, re-connect with old friends and family members-the list goes on and on.


All of that stuff that we did in the winter was helping us prepare for Spring whether we know it or not.  Those moments when we felt stuck or unmotivated or even cold and cranky, were self-preservation times -times where we needed to maybe do nothing, preserve our time and energy. Those times when the roads were clear and we were able to meet friends for lunch or have great business meetings were times when we needed to do something because we could and we were ready and prepared.

Now with Spring finally here, what are you ready to do, what aClear HeartAre you looking at creating, what are you even READY FOR?

The title of this blog post is conquering clutter for clarity, control and creativity. Look,I know we all have clutter in our lives-it’s just the nature of the beast-in our homes, at our offices, in our minds, in our bodies, sometimes even in our spirits. Heck, if our world was any more cluttered we would be stepping over each other and in some places we actually are.

So what do you do about all this clutter in your life? How do you get rid of it?

My first question to you is: do you give yourself permission to “BE” with your clutter or do you sweep it under the rug hoping it will “GO AWAY” or do you put it on a shelf somewhere thinking “some day”? Or do you put your things on a to do list with a date and time to be transferred in your calendar or appointment book? And if not-why not?  What is stopping you from conquering your clutter? I have three words for you in no particular order –Clarity, Control and Creativity.

1)      Clarity is the space you give yourself in your home, in your mind, in your body, in your life to take care of the things that matter and get rid of the ones that don’t.

For instance what happens when you are spinning your wheels, going in a million directions with lots on your mind? Some people freeze up, others just simply get cranky and blow a fuse, others keep going, and going, and going-until they drop or worse they get sick.

What happens when you get a very important phone call and you need to find some information that has been filed in your stack of unorganized and disheveled  papers around your home office? Some people might simply say “I will need to call you back after I find what I am looking for” another person might pretend it’s a bad connection and hang up, and yet another person might have had a really bad day and that phone call is the last thing on their mind and they say some not very nice words to the other person which potentially could  get themselves in trouble lose a sale or even worse-upset  a friend.

2)      Control is being prepared for whatever comes your way, recognizing that for many circumstances you can’t change their outcome but you can control your thoughts, words, deeds and actions in regards to the circumstances around you.  We know that at the end of the day we can’t control people, places or things, but we can control ourselves.  When we have done our homework;the test does not seem so daunting,  we are ready to attempt to answer the  questions. Where in your life are you not ready to be tested on?  What areas have you done your homework in and actually ARE READY TO BE TESTED?

3)      Creativity is conscious action that comes to you based on your thoughts, words, beliefs and desires. Recognize that at every moment you have an opportunity to make something happen  that will bring you happiness, or bring you unhappiness. You have a choice that is based on all your past experiences, a choice that is based on how you feel at that moment ,or a choice that is made because of outside influences that bring on internal pressure to make the right choice. What kind of choice would you rather make?

Butterfly transformation

So let’s review for a moment:

So we have clutter in our minds, bodies, and physical environment  which causes chaos and confusion-chaos and confusion causes a feeling of not being able to handle things or loss of control- which leads to unclear choices being made from  outside influences. Unclear choices made from pressure or outside influences creates lots of stress and poor decision making which leads to an unhappy state.

And here is the SOULUTION:

I started this blog by saying how when you have the right tool for the right job you can do anything. Well this certainly applies to conquering clutter but as mentioned above you can do anything.  I can’t help but think of all the snow removal that occurred all across the country this past winter. That’s a lot of shovels, and snow plows, and snow blowers-could you imagine if there was a shortage of those “RIGHT” tools? It would have been disastrous.

The good news is the tool that I am talking about here there will never be a shortage of because it comes from within YOU!!  YOUR  ENERGY, YOUR TIME, YOUR EFFORT they are all tools that you use for everything that you do. The key is to KNOW YOU like NO other. That means when you have to make a decision under pressure, or when you are out and about,that decision is made with clarity from a confidence that comes from deep within. That decision is made from a place of control: self-control ,  self-knowledge and awareness of what makes  you tick. A decision that creates a warm and fuzzy feeling like you did the best you could with what you knew at the time no matter what people are going to think or say. That in turn creates a happy state.

However;it is not the tool that wields the power or the abilities, it’s YOU.  Just like the magic does not come from the wand it comes from the person holding the wand;but you have to know how to use it, when to use it, and why.  The more time you spend with YOU, the crazy, authentic, messy, bold, bodacious, silly, scared  REAL you, the more you understand the tools you have to use within yourself, when to use them and how to use them. When you’re ready your tool is right there waiting for you. That could be your head, your heart, even your body. Tools come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

So as you are waiting patiently for Spring to arrive, keep a watchful eye on the most important tools you want to keep around you, inside of you and yes, even above you. You will be wielding magic, and forging a new path, planting a beautiful garden and enjoying every little piece of you with all that you do because you took the time to learn about you-The Greatest Tool God Ever Created.

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