Seeing the Bigger Picture

So I have always been one who has enjoyed “plugging” into the times, the time of the season, the time of the year, the holidays or special times that we celebrate in groups, gatherings and with our families. But I really  had no idea how significant it was until I opened my mind and heart to Earth Wisdom, be it Native Spirituality, the Divine Feminine or even Buddhism for that matter. The event on the national calendar compared to the event on the cosmic calendar is beyond comparison.

Let me explain this a little bit. We all are very aware of certain things that happen at various times during the year, we just celebrated Memorial day as a nation, we will celebrate Father’s Day as a nation, 4th of July as a nation, etc….But how many times do we celebrate or honor an event that is happening globally? We are tied into a calendar that recognizes many events that honestly have only been sanctioned within the last 100 years or so. But what about new moons, full moons, equinoxes, and solstices? Which have been celebrated by indigenous peoples since the beginning of time.

I for one, am enjoying all of this history, this getting back to our roots, that seems was thrown out with the great literary books so long ago. For some reason we were taught that worshiping the sun, or talking to the moon was considered evil and so we just swept it under the rug and did not think twice about it. But I have to tell you when you start uncovering the truth, the roots, the history, the information that is programed in our cells, veins, blood and bones, there is something very rewarding in honoring and revering all that which gives you life;the earth that sustains us, the grass that we walk on, the trees that supply us with wood for heat, the sun that makes our gardens grow, the rain that nourishes us, the list goes on and on. And I have to believe that the creator, source, great spirit, great mystery, God, All that is, would want us to “SEE” things that way so that we may “DO” things a little bit differently then what we have been doing-to each other and to this earth.

Become the change you

I would like to share some of this heart centered knowledge and wisdom that has been coming at me like a fast-moving train and yet I am finding every opportunity to spread it, share it, live it and be it.

I have learned that we really are one. That what we do to the Earth we do to each other, I have learned that we can not see ourselves as separate from the earth or from each other that is why there is so much hatred, and violence in the world.  I have learned that if you really want to do something you just DO IT. No matter how silly you may look, no matter how much crap you get from others who might not approve or understand, you just do it, you just keep keeping on, knowing what you know, believing in what you believe, and spreading that energy where ever you can. You don’t need to do it forcefully, or with anger, or resentment, but with honor, reverence and detachment from the outcomes. (No expectations)

Please don’t be afraid of your power, please don’t be afraid that you cannot make a difference in your community, in your home, or in your world, Please don’t think that your little act of courage, or act of unconditional love, was done in vain. For I guarantee you it was not.

Our ancestors had it right, they planted their corn by a certain moon, they listened to what the skunk had to say when it showed up day in and day out to teach it a lesson or two, they drank herbal concoctions of seeds, flowers and stalks of plants that were medicinal, they would take time to remember ALL that gave them life and sustenance. They would honor it, revere it, and share it through the ages.

That is what we have to remember, that is what we have to get back to, and that is what I am making my personal responsibility through the Native  teachings such as the Medicine Wheel and Shamanic Healing Practices, through ceremony, sacred space and ritual handed down by the divine feminine where many of us were indeed “Silenced and Killed for” and through gatherings of  like minded people that not only want to share what is in their hearts for each other but also express it out into the world for the greater good.

I am excited to be alive, plugged in and ready to do what it takes to leave this world a better place for our future generations.

In gratitude, and dedication to the greater good of humanity,





5 thoughts on “Seeing the Bigger Picture

  1. Wonderful post, Renee! Thanks for the encouraging words.

    • You are so welcome Bonnie <3
      Thanks for all that you do and your little "pebbles" of inspiration in the big pond of life <3

  2. Brandon

    Beautifully written and very touching. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • You are so welcome, it was awesome seeing you the other day and I hope that we will be seeing you next month at our camps. xo

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