When I (You, We) Paint our Masterpiece

Some times we just need to step back and look at all that we have done, with pen and paintbrush in hand, and decide what needs to be added, erased, or left alone for the moment. To allow the energy of the moment to lead us where we need to go to finish our masterpiece or even just our piece of art. (and I don;t say JUST our piece of art lightly-for I am very well aware that everyone is creating their own piece of art in their own time, in their own way, with their own style and flair.

PersonpaintingWe all have masterpieces that we are working on whether it is internally (tending to our bodies, needs and desires) or externally (tidying the house, planting a garden, or creating a space of beauty and harmony for others) it all still takes the same amount of concentration, focus, dedication and determination to see your (masterpiece) through.

(For those of you who are fans of Bob Dylan) here is the lyrics to the song which I had never read until today) http://www.bobdylan.com/us/songs/when-i-paint-my-masterpiece

This all comes up for me in light of all of the things that have been going on in the world-if you have not been feeling a roller coaster of energy these last couple weeks between what has been happening in our country as well as above us in the sky (yes that’s right in the sky-have you noticed those very bright stars (big dots) hugging real close to the moon these last few days? Well that is Jupiter (lady luck) and Venus (lady love) happily courting the Moon (inner emotions).

I have always said that whatever is going on above us, is certainly going on around us and inside us. It reminds me of one of the quotes that our heart council came up with last week while working on new HCL outreach material.  Here is a sneak peak: “We are all interconnected”. “All beings and things on the earth and in the cosmos must be in harmony for the earth and its inhabitants to thrive.” (makes me thing of the Venus/Jupiter/Moon Alignment going on)Notice it says “all beings and things on Earth and in the Cosmos MUST be in harmony for the earth and its inhabitants to thrive.

I would say that is a pretty true statement and one that comes on the heels of a terrible shooting in Charleston, where there is conflict and disagreement of the cause of the shooting, blaming a certain flag, or philosophy and/or race etc….and then on top of that to potentially  be eligible for Health Care all across the board…..and to top that off with marriage being able to happen between two people who really love each other..Gay,Straight, Bi-sexual or Transgender. Rainbowheart

I would say we have all had quite a ride these last couple of weeks and I am wondering if we have really had a chance to let it all sink in-to step back and see what WE have created…..whether it be good, bad, or indifferent- to just be with all this decision making, be with all this energy that is coming at us from so many different directions, you almost feel like you are in a boxing ring weaving and bopping and waiting…….

Ah waiting..I like the sound of that but then if we are a masterpiece in the making, if we are making history and her-story, if Rome was not built in a day and we are making (progress) every nanosecond,  then can we afford to sit around and wait? If we wait too long we might lose out on an opportunity  and if we jump too soon well we might not be ready and then what?

I really don’t have the answer for you, I can’t tell you what to do because at the end of the day you have to make the decision that is best for you, but I can tell you some things that have helped me along the way and I can tell you why they have worked for me.

Where we get fudged (messed) up in our decision making is when we are in limbo waiting for all the answers, the perfect timing, the right info, a sign from God. All of those are fine and good but there is that waiting thing again…….

Where we also get fudged (messed) up in our decision making is when we have made the decision and don’t trust our judgement, or our abilities and then we are  wavering and in the what if scenario.

The way I look at it is You can make decisions based on these three things:

A) You have done your home work, researched the best solution and made a decision based on knowledge or case studies (the thinking head)

B)You went with your instincts because something did not feel or did feel right (the gut feeling)

C) You believed in yourself and followed your heart even when everyone around you said no and that was impossible (the heart compass)

Now A will work if you are looking at things from a black and white perspective,  don’t really have time and/or don’t know how to tune into your gut feelings, nor your heart compass.

B will work if you simply go on instincts and don’t let your mind get in the way of “progress.”

And of course C will work if you 1) can first listen to your heart and see what its trying to tell you  2)  really know your capabilities and the heart’s passion to see it though and 3) know there is a bigger plan for you and the world that you are creating.

C Is by far more work, could essentially encompass all three techniques which requires more dedication and focus but much more rewarding in the end.

So now  you have created your piece of art, and perhaps even your masterpiece up to this point, you step back with pen, and paintbrush in hand and you decide what is next….what do I want to put my energy into now during the peak of Summer where the energy is the highest, now where lady luck and lady love are courting the moon and tugging on my inner emotions reminding me that “why yes I can be lucky in love with myself and the world around me” “Why yes, I can throw caution to the wind and take the first step towards my own personal happiness. and “Why yes, it is finally time to allow those deep wishes and desires to come forth and spring into action, ignite and take hold”


Ultimately  I think that is what the Summer is about. It gives us the energy to do the things that we need to do, the things we want to do, the things that are burning inside of us to do, but also allows us to see what needs to fizzle out, what needs to burn away (you can track that by noticing how you are feeling at any given time of the day) Check your energy often and notice when you are fading ( a good indicator that your heart is just not in it)  and when you are ignited ( a good indicator that your heart is on fire and leading the way).

I would love (because it is my passion and my burning desire) to help you create your masterpiece, if you:

Are feeling like you have just been doing some finger painting here and there  and want to delve into deeper realms inside you world.

Are experiencing a surge of energy in some areas of your life  and a drain in others.

Are wanting to take charge of who you really are, and do something that feels RIGHT FOR YOU for a change.

So tell me what kind of masterpiece do you want to create and are you ready to put down that pencil and pick up the paintbrush with me?

Grab your invitation now by emailing me at reneeguidelli@frontiernet.net or calling me at 607-226-2354 to set up your free no-obligation phone call to your wonderful breakthrough “discover your own masterpiece” session.

In the meantime, keep creating, keep doing and keep being the best that you can and look up and let Lady Love and Lady Luck do their thing with you!!!

Love and Blessings,

Renee Guidelli




P.S I hope I did not go too overboard with all the colors I was simply having fun with a blank canvas (-;


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