Maybe an energy adjustment will help

Lately I have been in the organization mode and it has lasted for weeks. It started with the book a friend lent to me called The-life changing magic of tidying up by New York Times best selling Author Marie Kondo. I was taking great pleasure in getting rid of so many things that just did not bring me joy and hold any special “happy” feeling anymore. It was amazing how much stuff you can accumulate and not really have a feeling for it. But certainly an attachment to it. Which is not the same.

Marie's Book


Anyhow, I have been combing through my jewelry, my clothes, my massive paper piles, my Arts and Craft projects ( my kitchen is next) and either passing them  on or putting them into a place where it can be seen, loved and touched when needed and yes that goes for everything.

I also find myself putting quotes, affirmations and works of art all over my heavenly abode and feel I am a much better person for it. There is something deeply gratifying in knowing that you are surrounded by beauty and all things that are sacred and meaningful to you. (Could you imagine living in a world like that?) Where every where we looked, or turned there was beauty, a real piece of art or even a masterpiece staring back at us to remind us of the beauty we are inside and out?


So I have found that I have always been fascinated with creating spaces-I mean if you think about it-we are always in the midst of creating spaces so that we can bring forth what ever we need to do, have or be. But that can’t happen until the space is created. For instance-We can’t cook until we have the recipe in mind, and the ingredients and the tools to make it happen, We can’t  build a house, until we know what we generally want it to look like, create the plans, buy the materials, hire the contractors and just do it. And we certainly can’t get a wonderful harvest from our Summer Garden without preparing the soil, buying the seeds/plants, giving them water, making sure there is enough sun and of course pulling out those pesky weeds. Once again creating a space for all of this to happen and hoping for or anticipating a wonderful yield of fruits and veggies.


As you can see creating spaces is just as important as brushing your teeth-but how does this effect you and what am I driving at-after all we are a busy people and we don’t have a lot of time for too much space so we need to get to the point, we need to try and hit the mark as quickly and accurately as possible.

I have found that as things speed up and they are indeed speeding up-we forget some of those little things, some of those things that would actually make our lives simple if we would just give them the time.

I have found that waking up on a daily basis and trying to plan your day does indeed work if you are not so fixated on WHAT the day is supposed to be like. I mean you can certainly have an idea of what you want TO happen and of course if you are like me you already have your to-do list in front of you with calls to make, emails to create, tasks around the house and other projects at work  that have deadlines (or end lines as I like to say).


However, let’s just suppose for one moment that you CAN get everything that you want to get done and more and still have time to do what you really, really, really, love to do? Let’s suppose for one minute you have time to spend with your family, write down your dreams and wishes, and still make your employer happy and singing praises? Now just sit with that idea? Of if you work from home and have your own schedule (which can be a challenge in a half because you are responsible for you and only you and your end lines come from your internal drive) But just dreamily sit with that concept of having enough time to do all of what you want to do and still feeling like you are taking care of business. Connect with that feeling, that image, that SPACE that you can indeed create for yourself.

Now I want you to take a moment and think of the first three things that come to mind that you need to absolutely, positively do, very important tasks that could range from scheduling that doctor’s appointment you have been putting off-to working on that spare bedroom that needs hauling out so that you can make it into a sewing room, or yoga studio, craft area, or study or……


What do you think needs to happen first in order for you to do these things? What is the first thing that comes to mind? I can already hear you saying things like “Ugh,  that seems like such hard work, where in the world am I gonna find the time?” Or Well I can’t do that NOW I have to………..and………. ” My question to you is WHEN are you going to do it?

First you have to get into the right frame of mind and connect with the end result, the outcome or even the essence that you are looking to get

Second you have to spend time with it and make a plan. Before you go to see the doctor you want to have your ducks in a row so that you can be the one able to call the shots if need be. Before you tackle that spare room you have to come up with an idea of what you want it to be, feel and look like. If you simply want to start with just clearing it out, going through the closets and moving furniture out that is fine-but you might find yourself running out of steam or desire because you have not connected with the final outcome. Yes, it will feel lovely doing it and you may find yourself breathing a sigh of relief but that might be as far as you get and then the room just sits there months later and yells out “remember me? You wanted to make something out of me and now I just sit here and do nothing except collect stuff again”

Third you have to understand that when you move forward in life, make a change, or grow in or out of something you are in essence making your life easier, simpler, and more valuable. It may not seem that way at first, it may not feel that way and it certainly does not look that way in the beginning but you have to trust that there is something better that is going to come out of the efforts you just put in. And you have to understand that if you don’t put the effort in you are not going to see the results and therefore can’t really take control of the situation they way you would like no matter how much you complain about it.


Energy AdjustmentI recently gave  myself an energy adjustment  where I released trapped energy that was not allowing me to direct it where I wanted. This trapped energy started when I was 17. Meaning that at the age of 17 I stopped giving expression or even action to the things that mattered to me the most and started feeling more frustration than anything else.  As I was going through one of my many paper piles yesterday in more attempts to tidy up and create space; I came across something I wrote several years ago about frustration (where I saw frustration as a ball of string all knotted up and every time I tried to do something the knots would get tighter and that would frustrate me even more to perhaps the point of anger)


Case in point, we need the energy to create the space in our life to do what we know we need to do, we need the energy to push through the hard stuff, and we need the energy to make time for the good stuff, and even the great stuff. I have said time and time again everything is energy and what we do with it is as important as what we don’t do with it.


If this resonates with you and you feel frustrated because you are not able to do what you want to do, or frustrated because you find you are putting too much energy into what you don’t want to do. You are certainly not alone, maybe all you need is an an energy adjustment (rather than an attitude adjustment) shift the energy and the attitude follows and I can very easily help you with that.

As I read further down on that piece of paper my wise self counseled me by saying “Maybe it is now time to unravel this ball of knots, one piece at a time, sit with it, be with it and know it has a message and a positive outcome for you if you let it”  The bottom line is if we do not create the space to allow for the knots to work them self out, then we will not know what is on the other side and that will only create more frustration.


I started by telling you that I have been in the organization mode for weeks now to even these last few days creating calendars and schedules and lists that are not only going to make my life so much easier but certainly give me enough time to do “all” the things that I have wanted to do. I may not know what that looks like completely yet, but the excitement and anticipation is what keeps me moving forward. In any event I am creating the space to birth something new and I would love to do that with you too.

My next blog post will outline what resources, tools and discoveries I have made to make my life easier so that in return it can help you. I can’t tell you when that will be because I have not (literally) put that on my schedule yet and tonight I am scheduled to schedule  my calendar of events for the week. (sort of punny or funny but maybe not) But I will tell you It will be soon because I don’t want you or any one else that you know to waste one more single minute doing things that you don’t want to do so that you will have more time to do what you really really want to do.

PassionIf this post resonates with you, by all means drop me a line, give me a call and or comment below. I am always open and ready to serve you because that is what I indeed love to do and find time to do so always

Gratefully yours,

Renee Guidelli

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