Changing your horses in mid-stream

Lately, I have been finding that the universe has other plans for me  then what I originally thought, Let me clarify that a little bit, its like when you are Gun-ho to do something, or have your heart set on a place you want to be and WHAM O-something else happens and you end up having to change your horses in mid-stream

Do you find that happening to yourself these days as well? Let’s face it when our horses are full speed ahead, its a little hard to get them to turn around. We could also equate this to the horse power in a car: Imagine a car tooling down the highway (doing the speed limit of course 🙂 but then again, what happens if you forget something? or miss your turn (Do you do a Ue (U turn) in the middle of the road or do you just keep driving and say the heck with it (detached, De-dramatized and at peace with your decision)

running-horses-bob-langrish-i11203These particular incidences seem to be happening more and more to us these days. And the more “Charged up we are about something happening and it does not” the more disappointment and the harder we fall  Those expectations will get us every time. We must learn to  detach from the drama, from the expectations from the having to know, be, have etc…. and surrender to the greater plan at play for all of us as individuals and as the collective.

While I have referred to horses and cars in this message what I’m really driving at here is our own HORSE POWER, our will. This is a call for you to lessen up on your own gas pedal so that when you do indeed need to change your horses in mid stream, you can do so with detachment, grace, and ease.

And because I truly want you to experience grace and ease and all things wonderful and magic, I have attached another blog post I wrote on staying centered for the holidays loaded with wonderful tips, tools and techniques to use every day. (You can skip the first couple of paragraphs and go right to the tips and techniques to get you started right away)

I hope you find this helpful

With love, Renee,


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