Have Faith in hUmanity

I have tinkered with the word and meaning of hope for quite some time now, once a word that sprung forth from apprehension and desire versus a solid sense of faith, I feel and and see its presence in and around me through many conversations and circles with one another. And as I look at what we have done to each other, and to our planet, I am reminded that in the dark there is always light, that in the moments of uncertainty and fear, there is always hope, there is always another chance to get it right. And we are getting it right, step by step, day by day, hour by hour, little by little. Even if it does not appear that way on the outside, it is happening on the inside. For this is an inside job.

We are truly amazing BE-ings that creator has created, and we need to remember that we are creators as well, creators of peace, creators of love, and creators of hope for humanity as well. Hope is becoming more of the saving grace, the WAY of being and acting in a world that does not understand the implications of what we are doing to each other.

But it is not only hope that is going to see us through. But also faith, Faith in Action, Love in Action, and having faith in the One ness and acting from that same place.

You see Hope comes from the the flickering of the light inside that does not quite know whether to burn bright yet or distinguish its own flame. It comes from a place of uncertainty and unknowns. But faith you see, faith is that solid sense of hope with an action behind it while understanding the uncertainty-but not letting it sway you either way. Faith is the star in the sky at night that leads the way (without knowing the true destination) Faith is putting one foot in front of the other with determination, perseverance and understanding that it is the journey that matters the most, and how you take it.

There are many symbols of hope around us all the time, the challenge is not so much the hope, but in finding the faith. Do not lose the faith in humanity, in yourself and in each other. For we are on the brink of great and glorious things and as the Tarot card symbol of the Tower shows us (that there needs to be destruction before there can be rebirth) that is indeed what is happening in us and around us now. And while at one time, the tower card was one that I feared and did not like. I now revere and know that there is a greater meaning for me. Just as there is for all of us.

Trust that we are better than this, and that something much bigger and glorious is being born within us as well. Trust that all of what we are doing is not in vain, Trust that the guilt, anger and the shame that we are feeling in the collective consciousness is quaking to give way to a “brighter way of being” and that we are on the brink of discovering, realizing and claiming what that is. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be right now in this time of your life. And that you signed up for this. You chose to live during this time of which seems like an incredible crisis of humanity just so that you can rise above and be the Greatness that you are. The greatness that you were at one time in a galaxy far, far away. Trust that your life has not been in vain.

Channeled Info from the pondering paragraphs above

My dear beloveds, you are a supernova in the sky waiting to be born, you are a dream in the heavens falling to the earth, you are this and so much more, and if you could glimpse into the future, into your future potential and the capabilities of the HU-man design race-you would not believe your eyes, and you certainly would not understand the whys-You are not ready to grasp the insurmountable energies, and manifestation possiblitites just yet…….But you are gaining ground, you are making head way and most importantly heart way.

For that is what you need to understand, see, believe and BE the Heart Way. There are many of us all around you, and yes even inside of you who are waiting in anticipation for your great event, the great even that is inside you. For while it feels like dormancy at some times, and even destruction at others. This is all part of the cycle of life. and You must honor the cycle of life. For that is what life is….But a cycle. Determine where you are in that cycle, determine where the HU-man design is in that cycle and determine where your planet is in the cycle.

The answer lies within that cycle. Figure out the cycle, and you will understand where you all lie as a collective human race. Earth will not cease to exist, it can’t the life that sustains it won’t let it. While you can be concerned with the earth and its inhabitants, the focus truly needs to be on each other. For as you “fix each other and make right” with one another-you will see a difference in the way Mother Gaia responds and reacts to you. You are not separate from the Earth. For what the earth is made of so are you. All elements are inside of you. You are not one person but many and this will and is being revealed to you little by little.

For what you know to be true is becoming less and less truthful and yet what does that do to your creditably. There is that tower image again. Would it be totally terrible for you to know something different about yourself, or about your planet? Something that you never expected before? How would you react? What would you cling to? What do you cling to? That which you think is true? But the clinging does not come from love no, it comes from fear, fear of the unknown because what was known is no longer true? If you could recreate your life and your planet from scratch how would you do it differently? If you could re-create your own personal world what would you do differently? Can you even answer these questions now? Because if you can’t then your not ready to re-create a new world YET. And with that being said, how do you REALLY feel about the world you are living in now?

I know these seem like “heady” questions, but then again as we have said to you before-the answer is not in the head, it is in the mind of the heart. And even in the imagination. Understand these two are indeed connected and you will begin to see a new world created right in front of your eyes as a response to what you are feeling in your heart.

Beloveds we leave you with this message of hope, and faith and glory for all. Do not underestimate the power of love, the power of truth, and the power of light during this magnificent time on your planet. For all will be revealed, and all will be understood. Have faith, Have courage and know that we are with you always.

The realms of illumined truth.


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