The Re-birthing of US

I’ve been feeling the watery element of love and light wash over my body lately like a cleansing and baptismal of spirit all at once. Although the water is cold in the lakes ponds and streams, my internal waters of joy and love are hot and pulsating with the heart of Mother Earth as we make way to give birth to our evolutionary planetary progress.woman with wings

I can’t tell you who is coming in at this time to speak here. I feel the presence of many from days gone by, ancestral connections from long ago deep and wide for not only me but you as well. But they wish to speak to us all about our personal progress and the planetary alignment with our souls knowing.

We have been with you since the beginning of time and if you can believe it even longer before that. For it is written in the stars not only the destiny of humankind but ALL the inhabitants on your precious planet. As you evolve your planet does as well and what you do to yourself you do to each other. Just as man may sever the limb off a tree that tree bleeds just as a human does and because you do not see that does not make it untrue.

It is time once again to gather your peacemakers, truth tellers and way showers not to up-rise in a panic or beat down the masses who don’t see eye to eye. No that is not the way my children, for hate and fear has never been the way.

You lead by example and you lead by my light, for my light and love is the word and the word of God is in all walks and ways of life.

You cannot fault each other for this misunderstanding. For you only know what you only know.

But it’s time to rewrite the story.  Rewrite history and it starts with you.

You who have hung your head in shame for fear of being mistaken for a lie.

You who always stands up and puts your heart and head on the line.

You who have waited and watched a New Jerusalem being born right before your eyes and under your feet and yet others do not see it others do not feel it and so you slink back into your cave waiting watching in anticipation for the sign.

Earth in the heavens

The sign of peace, the sign of the Dawning of a New Era that you co created from patience, perseverance and such unconditional love.

You who weep for the resurrection of Christ know not what you have done for you have done nothing wrong and yet you crucify yourselves in recognition of the pain and suffering that is felt within yourself and all over the world.

We tell you this, weep no more, cry no more suffer no more, for yours is a shackle of lies that no longer serve you.

You are free, to be.

You are free to know my brothers and sisters that the kingdom of heaven is within you.

There is no more waiting.

There is no more he said she said.

Search your heart to know to thine own self be true and you will see.

As for the violence and hatred all over the world we cannot stop that. For it is all up to each and every single one of you. Remember that what you do to your brothers and sisters you do to you. This is not a plead for mercy but a request for soul shaking forgiveness OF YOU. This time upon us is the time to forgive yourself; for you know not. Forgive others; for they know not and be one with the ever increasing cleansing purifying vibration of love.

We leave you with this message of unconditional love and gratitude in servitude for mankind as we stand before you, behind you and beside you. As you lay down your weapons and bury the hatred, the greed and the fight that angers and torments you once and for all. And so it is beloveds And so it is.

*Please note that this channeled message was brought to me a day after I created my newest offering in service for humanity. I am positive that the two are some how connected in relationship to our planetary and evolutionary progress* If you want to learn more about the Gateway Acceleration Program you may do so here.

This newest offering was very much divinely guided by the heavenly realms of illumined truth and it is with deep heartfelt gratitude that I share it with you. *

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