The quickening of summer

Earlier this week, I was given a message about the fire energy of this month while in meditation. In the past I would simply want to know what I needed to know about the energy for myself but I’m getting wiser in my years of service to the planet and humanity and beginning to ask questions for the planet and people as well. So here you go:

“As with most Summers, it seems the energy of the month speeds up and quickens, and while that is indeed the case it is also directly related to the amount of sun that your planet receives-you see sun energy and especially the great central sun makes things happen, makes things grow, so while people will feel an urge to want to do more, see more, feel more, and be more-they have to have the will around it to make “it”-meaning whatever they want to happen.

You see people and especially human beings or homo-sapiens on your planet do not understand the implications of the mis-use as well as the use of their will. And it is that very same “type” of energy that controls the masses and you are seeing it everywhere. This is a time for people to gather for BBQs and swimming and times for celebrations and events of times and days gone by. But you must not overlook “what brought you, who brought you and the why of the moment”. This is a critical time for those awakened and somewhat enlightened to “be in the moment” to plug into the energy of the great central sun to “will” your dreams, thoughts and desires.

But as a species that has great power and control of the masses, of co-creating a world-we caution you to be careful. To use your fire wisely-there are many that use it to hurt others and many that walk or bull-doze over what appears as the down-trodden. “But….

Blessed are the peace-makers, the meek, the lowly, the wounded, the sick, the poor-for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven-for they are the ones that the world has been waiting for. For that fire, that energy and that prophecy is only just beginning……





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