The Fey want to play

So for those of you who know me, I am a really big kid at heart, and I truly owe that to the fey, the fairies, the nature spirits, the pixies, the Faery Realm of my youth.

While they have stayed with me since my childhood, they have certainly taken me on quite a ride, and they don’t let me forget that they are with me at all times, and not just when I am outside where the natural environment of them is so abundant.

I have recently taken up art again and I very much feel the presence of my little fey family not only around me, but tugging at my heart strings-guiding my tool of choice so that I may express not only what they want to come out, but what they know is in the deepest recesses of my heart and soul.

It has been a truly fun, liberating and incredibly healing creative process that I have missed for so long. In the past, thinking that I need to “be a certain way, or have all my ducks in a row before I create, or so much time that it just never seems possible, has been indeed what has kept me stuck, unfulfilled (and not knowing it) and certainly not expressing my inner child playful truth (youth) that wants to be seen, heard, and expressed in bigger and creative ways.

This is not always an easy feat, (making sure that I make time to play) and yet the very thought of saying “play” makes me feel like I am screwing off, or not being responsible, or just plain being too kid-like. (oh Goddess Forbid)

However, it is what I do when I AM playing as well as when I am not-that makes all the difference in the world and that is where I am seeing, feeling and experiencing the transformation that is taken place within and all around me.

Here is a step by step example of what happened to me one merry Sunday in hot and sticky August and how I trusted the “play process with the fey” ** I hope that you can grab some pixie dust for yourself  below and make some play happen for you**.

  1. I went to bed the night before, setting my intention for my dream sleep prior to reading about a page (yep then I nodded off peacefully to sleep) of a Faerie Book that caught my eye in my stack of books. I remember dozing off feeling very peaceful content and even anticipating my faery dream scape. (Don’t have a fey book handy? Grab the next best thing that jumps out at you and wants to have an experience with you during your sleep/dream time)


  1. The next morning I awoke with an urge to start a post on how to play with the fey, (actually a Faery E-couse has been brewing for a little while but I will be happy with just a post to start with) after all I have been doing it for so long, why would I not want to share my experience with others (here is where you start to make a list of what you have been doing for so long that you could lovingly share it with others)


  1. Then after planning my day (very briefly to not only include what I was going to eat that day but also do later in the evening as my wind down and take care of me time) It all came clear as a bell, gushing towards me as if it (the process, the answer, the solution, the CREATION, was there the whole time) The images, the words, the feeling, the end result it was all there and I had to take a deep breath and “see what I was being shown so I could act on it accordingly” So here is the process.

The Process:

First I was shown my beautiful brag (scrapbook) not bragging about me but what the fairies are capable of doing, being, and letting you experience (they may be small in size, but they have lots to brag about so that we take them a little bit more seriously)

So here is my beautiful brag book that I created with them years ago,

Ready to Play with the Fey?
Ready to Play with the Fey?

Next I was told to choose three (shots) pics if you will for my blog post-One was the cover as shown above, (then I just randomly opened to two pages) Fairies are never exact so again I just went with the process but they can be a little mischievous if your not paying attention and I’ll let you in on that in a moment.

A beautiful Flower Fey
A beautiful Flower Fey

The second was the page on the flower fairies, (with an explanation of how the fairies look after the flowers and you can sometimes see their faces in the flower if you look real closely) which most of us already know about. So that was a fun reminder, but here is what happened next.


The third page which you see here was kind of blank, but yet it had a frame around it, (To me a frame always represents something important-but while the frame is important what it is framing is even more important). So the funny thing is this page just had a frame and one little hummingbird pic on it. And I thought well, they must want me to capture this pic for a reason. (And all I could think of was that super silly sesame street song that Animal and his band sings-Can you picture That…And there is even a part where Animal says You have to see it in your mind. (See the fairies are already playing with me and I’m laughing inside)


So I thought well how cool would it be to just write that in there-Can you picture that…..As an open ended invitation for the reader. (meaning you)

However, that was not what “THE FEY” had in mind, for when I went to pull the picture into a editing program on my phone it froze up three times and I finally said, ok maybe I shan’t push this anymore (The fey are not about pushing or struggling or pressure to no means so I took the hint and carried on)

Next I went into my office to sit down at the computer and get to work, but my computer was really acting up and I could not get on to the email nor the word docs and come to find out it ended up shutting down on me instead of starting up (which I thought that was what it was doing when I walked away to get my water)

When I looked at the clock, I noticed it was only 11:30 and I had recently took a vow to my inner child youth self that after breakfast and planning time, I would find time to play….with paint, or crayons, or pencils or by scrapping pretty pics. So sure enough when I looked down at my paper with my “fun little pickings of creativity time” The scrap booking with the Fairies prompt (The finding my inner compass is the way I dowse these days-with no tools but my own intuition nad KNOWINGS) was really jumping out at me, as if to say “pick me, pick me” And so I did.

When I sat at my art table with the Faery Scrapbook in front of me, I magically opened up to the “frame page” that I mentioned earlier. And as clear as a bell and funny as a whip, I heard “Now are you ready to play with the fey? And in just 15 co-creative minutes, this was the final image we came up with for this post.

Can you picture......
Can you picture……

Very pleased with my “framed” pic, I was ready to sit down at the computer and type up my blog post “The Fey want to play”

So you see the next time you are stuck, or bored or not sure what to do, invite the FEY to play, you will be super happy that you did, and find yourself “acting like a little kid again” even if its only for an hour or so. Our adult self in this topsy turvey world  needs that every once in a while and the Fey need us to play with them back.

**Side note** No fey were harmed during the creative process nor with the creation of this blog post, on the contrary, what inspired this post-also inspired other little wee ones to come forward and be birthed into the fey world** And I really hope that  you find time to adopt them and let them come live with you in your world.

For they are ready and willing with open arms. (just like this wee one here)


A Sacred Space Created for the Fey guarantees some kind of play!
A Sacred Space Created for the Fey guarantees some kind of play! Even if its set up on the corner of your computer desk (: (wink, wink)

Take a walk on the wild side and listen to the Muppet’s song “can you picture that” here

Want to explore more Faery stuff? You can check out Faery Dustings which was created by Renee in Sept of 2001

Have a question on how to unleash your own inner fairy creative side? Drop me in a line at Tell me what your working on, how long you have been stuck, and what you have done so far?

Me with Scarf



Renee Guidelli is a dedicated teacher, healer and light worker for the planet. For nearly 20 years she has taught individuals and groups how to connect with their higher self, inner knowing, personal guides, ascended masters and teacher team through her many earth to spirit offerings.

She is the founder of Heart Centered Living, a community of like-minded spiritual seekers that have been communing with each other since 2008.

Renee is currently working on a Light Workers Healing manual called S.H.I.N.E. (Soul, Healing, Integrative, Natural, Energy) which incorporates many step by step hands on healing process that have been channeled and downloaded to her through the past few years .

Renee lives in upstate NY, with her partner Erick who is not only her techie guru but her support system buddy as well where they both share a love of making the planet a better place to live each in their own way.

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