The New Moon in Sagittarius`

The following is taken from some excerpts from Mystic Mamma, with some of my own feedback and info to support.

(One M means Me and Two MMs mean Mystic Mamma)

(M) First off, I am a sag, so the fact that the moon and the sun are in my sign right now, is pretty cool and uncanny too. But the fact that it is actually the New Moon adds even a little more punch to the mix.

(MM) “This is the sign and the time to emerge out of our self-centered vision of life into a much broader view of life that includes others as well as the Earth and all her children.

(M)I love this, I simply agree, we are soooo in a time where we must stop bickering over petty stuff and realize that it is time to include all of the beings on the earth and all its inhabitants. Boy did our red road elders have it right so long ago and why did we forsake them? I can’t help but think about the atrocities that are happening out in North Dakota and how much of a CRY that is for us to see the “Bigger Picture” of life.

(MM)“Sagittarius is all about the Truth. Sagittarians are Truthspeakers and Truthseekers…Sagittarians always have a goal in mind.

(M) I really get this, maybe a little too much, as a truth seeker, truth speaker, and TRUTH SAYER (in place of toothslayer) ha ha ha, we can really get ourselves in trouble, because let’s face it no one likes to hear about the truth if it shows us where we are wrong, or have missed the mark, (ah yes, aiming for the target) another Sag characteristic that can verge on driving ourselves crazy due to the DRIVE for PERFECTION over just the simple drive and will behind anything.

(MM)“That’s the arrow that this celestial archer aims at the heart of the matter…”

(M) See even Mystic Mama, has something to say about the celestial archers aim for the heart of the matter. That we just keep trying until we hit it but at least we keep trying. I will never forget the day that I realized and read at the same time that the word sin simply means “not hitting the mark” not something awful and terrible like what has been painted in our brains for so long. It just means hey, try, and try again and if you simply don’t succeed well try again or accept it and move on. But the clincher here, is to AIM at the HEART of the Matter, if we are shooting arrows aimlessly in the air hoping to hit something then either we need to be prepared to hit anything or nothing or we need to sharpen our points of the arrow and AIM for the target, steady, aim and fire with TARGETED FOCUS.

In what areas do you need to sharpen your focus and take aim to get to the heart of the matter?

I feel like not only is the world watching and waiting to see what happens next, but we are also in the process of sharpening our arrows, our perspective so as to get to the HEART of the Matter and HIT THE TARGET

So yes, the archer aims at the heart of the matter- shooting  The heart of the matter takes courage and the ability to allow it to show up while simultaneously showing you whats next.

 (MM)“Jupiter opposes Uranus, Eris and Ceres in Aries, showing us that when we are willing to be warriors for the Truth, we need to collaborate with like-minded individuals.

(M)There is that truth thing again, BE WARRIORS for the TRUTH!!

(MM)“We are being compelled, through the emotional uneasiness we feel…This means moving:
·         From escapism to participation
·         From confusion to detail-orientation
·         From self-doubt to self-confidence
·         From victimization to focused intention
·         From looking to be rescued to taking responsibility for change
·         From overwhelm to having strong boundaries

(M) Now this really hit me hard-these little “Healing Bites” that need to be looked at (remember that perspective thing again wrapped in a nice little cocoon of truth) This bit needs some sitting back and allowing it to seep through so as to dissolve what is NOT RIGHT and ALLOW WHAT IS to come in and be claimed.

(MM) “With Neptune aligned with the South Node, our attachment to these old patterns is dissolving.

(M) Yes, let’s take all these old patterns and dissolve them into the nothingness and let St. Germain, and/or our precious Earth Mother transmute, transform, and transcend those energies that have tripped us up, kept us safe and in our own comfort zones and made us who we are today. And for now, while the old patterns of our minds, body and spirits are dissolving lets celebrate and make way for the new world, and mos importantly the NEW YOU!

Big Love, Big Hugs, and many blessings of growth, and joy on your journey as you AIM, SHOOT and HIT YOUR TARGET








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