Inspiration from the universe

There are times when we just feel like there is a download of information that wants to comes through to us, like some one has uncorked the genie bottle and “wallah” all the magic comes out fast and furious and we can’t keep up with it.

genieandbottleThen there are times when no matter how much we try-we can’t get anything to come out, no inspiration, no energy, no mojo to move us (Its like you mojo has left the building)

If you want to take a walk on the wild side and play a little bit with your dreams,  hopes, wishes and desires then perhaps my suggestions here will help you.

There are three different times of the day that I have found you can work with to get your motor going. I call this my inspiration from the universe time.

Here you will find what the purpose of each one is for, and when it is best to “delve in and play” with some short examples of how it worked for me. I hope you find it as useful for you as it is for me too.

Morning Musings and Meditation time-Morning musings is the time where you just get up and feel a little groggy and half asleep. But you still have inspiration pumping through your veins and you want to get it out on paper. You also know that you have the the whole day ahead of you and you want to make the best of it. So you sit at your kitchen table with your glass of lemon water (or coffee of course) and begin to write

A Morning musings Example:This was an idea I had for a new offering that I wanted to get down on paper (we might see this come to light in January)

February 3, 2016, (An organized life) using my organization techniques tools and strategies and how they work for me. A type of coaching program?

Afternoon Delights-This usually takes place around lunch or afterwards and most certainly is best achieved outdoors while the sun is shining-but it does not always have to be that way. The idea of afternoon delights is more or less a steady stream of thoughts related to one particular subject or topic of interest at that time.

An Afternoon delights Example: This was the first step in putting together my Heart Light Crystal Elixir- The sun was shining and I was surrounded my nature and I was ready for my download (:

March 12, 2016 I called this playing with my rocks and listed the following information- Chrysopase for fertility- green- egg- springtime new beginnings- giving birth to what? Balancing male and female energy- healing reproductive organs

Evening Enchantments-Are the time where you are winding down and reflecting on what your grateful for and what you learned during the day. This is nice to do while sitting in your power chair or right before bed.

An Evening Enchantments Example:This was some profound information that I stumbled upon in an email that I needed to ponder and reflect upon that night and so I did.

January 12, 2016,Being open to newness is the ability to observe the ordinary and the usual from a more evolved state of consciousness.

Longing is actually the souls innate longing to be known in third dimension. It’s based on a false belief of separateness.

Never resist longings or anything else for that matter, because resistance give things a power they do not have.

Instead simply acknowledge the” I am” to help you love yourself.

The Angels love you for your potential and your persistence in reaching meaningful goals

So now that I have given you three different ways to “communicate with the universe” why not try your hand at one or all three and see which one works the best for you? I would love to hear how it goes or if you have any questions, either email me or ask them on the Life Coach Renee facebook page






Happy Co-inspiring with the universe,





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