Pysanky Egg Decorating Class

Pysanky Egg decorating is a cultural tradition from the Ukraine.

The use of beeswax and special tools called a Kiska are used to apply intricate designs to the egg. Altering the wax and dye baths allows for the beautiful colors seen on these amazing works of art. In this class, a guided meditation will be done to uncover the symbols and animals you should place on your goose egg.

A brief history of Pysanky egg decorating will be covered.

Instruction will be given on how to decorate the goose egg and time is allotted to complete a fully decorated Pysanky Egg to treasure for years to come.

All skill levels are welcome from beginner to expert.

Each person will be given to take home: a kiska, beeswax, candle and goose egg to decorate. A variety of dye colors will be set up for use during the class.

Please secure your seat with a $20 deposit which ensures your kit with instructions in the case that you can’t make the class.

You can register here:

Craft Class
Craft Class



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