The Magic of May

I just love May, I love how all the flowers start to bloom, I love how the birds song is a little bit louder, and I especially love how the faery realm comes to life in so many ways.

Yes you can catch a flower fairy flitting among the flowers in a wild or tame garden,

You will see the long slender arms and legs of the tree dryads that inhabit and protect the trees

and of course you will see the elves and gnomes happily getting their own rock and fairy gardens ready to welcome their friends over for a cup of tea, or midnight moon snack.

It is so much fun to embrace, embody and be a part of that magic, that manifestation energy that comes from the help of the faery realm.

There are many things you can do to invite the fairies into your life, (or maybe just your garden to start with)

They love certain flowers such as blue bells, lamb’s ear, baby’s breath, fairy roses, and pansies.

You can appease the dwarves and gnomes by building them a rock garden (small rocks will do just fine-but you can also use big stones)

And the elves are simply happy with a frog, rabbit or squirrel or two to hop on and take a ride all around your garden.

The list is endless of how to welcome these little magical creatures into your garden but you can start my simply opening your heart and tuning into what they are asking from you.

*Tomorrow I will talk about the beautiful significance and faery connection to May day or May first (which technically in the older European traditions is considered the first day of Summer and one of those times where the veil between the fae and human realm is the thinnest)

Here is the link to May Day and all the ways you can celebrate it including a Flower Meditation.


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