May Day! May Day! In a GOOD way (:

Happy May Day everyone, and what a really fun day this can be if you want it to be.

First off a little history about May Day:

It is said that the May Day custom took place as far back as 1558 or even later in the Elizabethan times. There were two reasons why May Day was so significant,

one it marked the fall of the Puritan Commonwealth, and Two, after the black plague, there was cause for celebrations and a bringing in of new life, they celebrated May Day as a renewal of life once again. (I can’t help but feel the similar connection and transition from Winter to Spring)

The May Pole was erected to also celebrate new life, and we cannot have new life without the bringing together of the masculine and feminine energies.

In other traditions May Day and more specifically the May Pole was seen as uniting the Goddess and God as a way to fertilize the animals and crops.



Here are some symbols as well that are associated with May Day:

Flowers-Flowers are represented by both female and male parts and when brought together grow, flourish, blossom and multiply

Fires-People would jump over fires as a way of honoring the fiery passion within themselves,

The Colors White and Red were ribbons that were tied onto the May Pole and symbolized the passions of the heart, as well as the innocence of new life.

Other favorite symbols to use would be:

The Egg which represents fertility and growth.

Baskets where children would fill baskets with flowers and then hang them as May Day surprise gifts on their door knobs or leave on their porch.

How ever you choose to celebrate May Day, it would be wise and wonderful if you would find time to petition the wee ones (The nature spirits) to help you with any and all matters of the heart (This most definitely includes relationships with your partner)

For those who follow more of the Goddess path

You may find yourself feeling a little more sensual, lovely, and beautiful

As you gaze into the mirror repeat the following: “I am a channel for the Goddess. She needs me to be strong and authentic” The more I am true to myself, the more I am true to her.” (Imagine beginning to hold yourself like a Goddess and Walk like a Goddess. Allow a Goddess-like sense of dignity and utter lovableness to permeate your very being.

Another act of love, beauty and Goddess-likeness is with your hair:

As you brush your hair, visualize infusing each strand with your own personal Goddess energy. Tie a small piece of hair with a red thread where it will not show, if possible. Touch this thread whenever you need to remind yourself of your personal power and electrifying energy.

You can also download and print out the pdf of a flower meditation here: Flower Meditation









Song to the May Day Goddess:

Lush is her body in the Morning Light

And drenched with Dew, her blossom.

Stretched Open to sun on green, green grass

She beckons us, calls us by name.

If you open to me I will feed you,

And all I ask is your love,

Your Love for this earth ripe with beauty

Your love for the hunger I feed.

Until next time, happy planting, and happy playing,


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