Sweet Summer Time

Happy Summer Everyone, Can you feel it? The Warmth of the Sun revitalizing your senses, your solar plexus and your SOUL?

Can you feel a passion for life lighting your body and spirit like a flame.

Everything Blooms and Ripens now-it is the time of greatest light and warmth

To celebrate this exuberant season use these words:

Summer’s Watchwords: Abundant, Fiery, Fresh, Fruity, Hot, Juicy, Rich, Ripe, Succulent, Opulent

Summer’s Scents and Tastes: Freshly Cut Cucumbers, Food cooking on the grill, Watermelon, Crushed mint, tangy taste of lemon and limes, new-mown grass, fresh basil.

Here are some fun facts about the Summer Solstice or Litha

Litha the Summer Solstice, is the longest day of the year, When it arrives between June 20-23 the intensity of this brief moment just can’t help but enter into our hearts.

We have only this one chance a year to celebrate the glorious, vibrant circle of the sun at its strongest and most powerful, and the energy we generate during this time will remain as a warming reminder when the Sun begins its inevitable decline toward Autumn.

We honor the Solstice with a Fierce Joy-Make crowns from daisies,hold hands and dance in a circle sun wise to honor the cycle and greet that fiery life-giving circle across the skies.

Here is a very short but sweet summer activity you can do by yourself or with friends and all you need is some bird seed.

Print it out here: Sweet Summer Spell for a Soulful Sunny Will

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