Woman Spirit Rising Series at The Heart Light Center

Woman Spirit Rising is part of the Temple of the Goddess Group and has been created for heart centered women who want to step into their personal power and higher wisdom so they can embrace ALL AREAS OF their life with passion, purpose and abundance.

This will be an ongoing group that is going to learn not only about the different aspects of the Divine Feminine but the specific Deities, and Goddesses, and what their purpose is as well as how to directly work with various ones to enhance many areas of your life.

If you have been wanting to know more about your self from a place of personal power and sacred magic that has been with you since the beginning of time…..

If you have been craving a community of priestesses, healers and heart centered passionate women…..

And if you have been searching for a way to remember, embrace and become all that you are as a WOMAN of the ancient ways, the old religion that resides in your DNA, blood and bones.

This class series is for you.

🌺Learn how to work with Kwan Yin for self-compassion, acceptance and grace,

🌺Mother Mary to assist mothering the world in your daily work in whatever capacity that may be

🌺Green Tara to help purify, cleanse and release pain and suffering for self and others

🌺White Buffalo Calf Women to show you how you can play a larger role in your community to assist in planetary healing

🌺And the very misunderstood Mary Magdalene to truly embrace and embody the temple priestess that you are from a place of Christ-Consciousness which is also very much misunderstood.

This is just a small sampling of the many aspects of the Divine Feminine pieces that we have internally to call upon, merge with and bring forth.

Through guided meditations, ritual work, ceremony and various hands on exercises you will have an arsenal of tools, techniques and tips right at your finger tips.

And that’s not all…. Because your sacred work very much revolves around magick (yes magick) and intention…

You will also have various opportunities to include 

💫Wishcraft in your work, which is intentions made manifest through tangible items that you create and make yourself either in our temple together, take with you to create in your own temple or purchase already made for you kits ready to use on the spot.

💫No more second guessing how to use a magic wand or what sacred gridding is, or how to anoint yourself for various rituals and sacred ceremony, you will have instructions as well as the sacred tools at your service. 

🌞Everything is inside of you, all the knowledge, all the pieces, all the rememberings waiting to have their time in the sun, waiting to be released, and activated, aligned act for the greater good of all. 

So are YOU ready? 

If yes, then ARISE Woman Spirit with us, STARTING in AUGUST held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the Month from 2-4


This is ongoing and open to anyone at any time, you do not need to come to all but it is recommended that you come to the first three at least to set down your foundation.

It is time, it is time to gather the Goddesses, the priestesses, the healers, the light workers….

🌹🗡🔥It is time for WOMAN SPIRIT RISING

Won’t you join us

In love, and joyful servitude,

Priestess, and Wayshower,

Renee GUIDElli❤️

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