What the world needs now is Love sweet Love

There have been many songs, mantras, and sentences that have been buzzing in my brain around Love. What it is, what it is not? What we perceive it to be, what we want it to be.

Its funny how we can take a word that means so much to so many people and either bastardize it or manipulate it into something that we want.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, I am not saying that how you perceive love is right or wrong, I am just saying that how you perceive love is STRICTLY FOR YOU and ALL ABOUT YOU for now.


We have spent thousands of years trying to perfect this concept of LOVE, SELF-LOVE< RELATIONSHIP LOVE< BROTHERLY LOVE< MOTHERLY LOVE< FATHERLY LOVE< and the list can go on and on. But what we have failed to see in this equation is how important SELF-LOVE is.

Yes I am my brothers keeper, Yes I WANT to love my neighbor as myself, and YES I want to believe that the bond between me and any LOVED one is unconditional. But is it really?


I mean what is unconditional love? And have we actually experienced it here on this planet in this time and space yet? Especially with another living, human being?

My guess is no? Let me explain this a little bit better.

What if I said that all of the LOVE that comes to us, and through us and for us are based on someone Else’s perception of Love, some one Else’s conditions, or ideas, or wants and needs.

While we say we want to love a person unconditionally, it is nearly impossible because we have expectations, we have rules for what love is, we have these touchy feely emotions that need to be understood, met and validated in order for us to KNOW that some one loves us. Right?

I mean does some one love us back if we are not FEELING it, Does some one still care about us, if they perceive to be TOO busy for us? I do not know? That is entirely up to you to decide.


What I do know, is how much SELF-LOVE is not spoken about, not talked about, not promoted and not given much attention to.

How do I know this? Because look around the world at what we are doing to each other.

What exactly is self-love? Well my take on it is it starts with YOURSELF, Your connection to your Body, Your connection to the way you think, Your connection ultimately to the way you respond to the world around you.


Are you responding from a LIFE AFFIRMING place, or are you responding from a LIFE DENYING place, one fuels your fire and makes life worth living, the other takes away from you, your vital source and slowly the fire withers and dies.

Maybe its not always about finding your purpose, finding your happy place, maybe its simply FINDING YOU, all of you, the messy, the lovely, the weakness,and the strengths.

Self love is about being ok with you, and boy do we have a hard time with that, and that is why relationships get messy, religion gets messy, and we get messy too.  And then do we clean up the mess? Or do we flit around or over to something else that is a little more “WELL LESS MESSY”

But here is the thing, LOVE can not survive without YOU, as you become more aware of what LOVE means to you, you set up your life, actions, and what you will and will not accept so that ONLY LOVE comes to you, for you, through you. And only then, can we REALLY perceive what Love really is, because that LOVE that you experience COMES FROM YOU, not some one else, not something else, not a book you read, not a class you take.YOU.

Now that is a scary thought, to think that we are the ones that are ACTUALLY RESPONSIBLE for our love, that we are the ones that are either going to ALLOW love to come in as it is, or to make sure that it is in wrapped in a pretty little gift box with a bow on top.


I recently had an epiphany that I would really like to share with you, the other day in my sacred self-care temple time. I kept hearing YOU ARE ENOUGH, and I flashed back to all those times where I felt that I needed some one to fill me up, I needed validation, I needed to be some one I was not so I could be liked. Then I heard again, YOU ARE ENOUGH, louder this time. And there was more flashbacks, but this time, I was there in my minds eye SEEING HOW different those circumstances would have been if I knew that I WAS ENOUGH, feeling the energy change in my body, and the water works starting up, I heard once again this time a little louder but more gentler, loving. YOU ARE ENOUGH…. FOR YOU.

That is what I want to leave you with here, the mantra, the sentence, the LIFE AFFIRMING quote and statement. “I AM ENOUGH FOR ME” When we can lean into what that really means from a place of unconditional love, (No judgement and No Comparing) I truly believe we will have a FULL GRASP of SELF-LOVE and when we come from that place, of SELF-LOVE then we will not have to search for some one or something else to give that to us. To make us whole or complete and then and only then will the world truly KNOW LOVE SWEET LOVE from a place of unconditional Love.

I wish you all Love, Sweet Love, on your journey of Self-Love,

Rev. Renee Guidelli,


Reverend Renee Guidelli is an ordained minister through the Order of Melchizedek, Spiritual Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, and Intuitive Healer. She works with groups and individuals on finding balance, purpose, and connection to their higher self and inner wisdom through providing a safe, sacred space for their gifts and authenticity to come through. Renee is also a vessel and voice for divine healing energies that that train light workers and like-minded spiritual people how to access their own healing abilities for not only themselves but the planet as well. Recently her and her partner Erick of 17 years just bought an 1869 Gothic Revival Church to not only live in but also expand on their vision of Heart Centered Living community. (A dream that has been in the making for 20 years now).

If you would like to work with Renee in developing your intuition, connecting with your higher self or bringing a dream or two to life for you, you can email her at reneeguidelli@frontiernet.net.

Interested in joining the Heart Centered Living Community Facebook page? You can check that out here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/261555855191/

Want to see what the Heart Light Center is all about, Here is the facebook page to our 1869 Gothic Revival Church we now call home and the Heart Light Center for Spirituality, Creativity, and Healing.https://www.facebook.com/The-Heart-Light-Center-1848630208729775/

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