New Year New You,

A New year is a chance to get it right again, A chance to give birth to the many aspects that are wanting to come through you.

Are you ready for this inevitable change?  The only constant is change, and if we can embrace the concept that we are always changing we are doing pretty darn good. Our skin sloughs off at certain times, Our liver regenerates itself, our days turn into nights and then back to days again. We live in the big beautiful cycle of life so like the Fool in the original Tarot Card deck who embraces his journey at the beginning with the first step to What’s next, I ask you “Why don’t we do the same”

Below you will find a sermon I did on how we can embrace the New Year, not by setting goals or creating resolutions but by consciously intending to be the best version of YOU <3


You can also download the PDF that goes along with the Seeding the Dream exercise towards the end of the message.

.Seeding the Dream Exercise

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