A Well Balanced Life

Do you often wonder where the time goes by in a day?

Are you losing sleep at night figuring out how you are going to do all the things that need to be done the next day and wonder how you can still find time to do what you REALLY want to do or maybe even would love to do?

Can you honestly remember the last time you did something for yourself and did not feel guilty about it?

I know we here everyone tells us that supposedly there are enough hours in the day to get things done, but do we ever feel like there really are?

When it comes to living a happy healthy life the key is to be able to balance your time, energy and focus on things that need to be done with the things that you really, really want to do or even love to do.

I’m Renée Guidelli, and I am a self-discovery and personal development coach. I teach individuals how to utilize their time so they can not only live a well-balanced life, but a happy healthy one too. I do this through my 20 years of products, classes, and services that I have personally developed and used on myself and hundreds of other students and clients to help them develop a rock solid plan and process in living a well-balanced life.

I know what it feels like to just simply “put in your time” at work, or even at home, for that matter.

I understand the big “guilt trip” that we impose on ourselves the moment that we think about doing something nice for ourselves (especially if we have not checked off all of our tasks from the to-do list).

So what does it take to REALLY live a happy healthy life?  Well it’s simple.

It starts with understanding, appreciating and dedicating time TO YOU!

*Discovering WHO you are,

*Understanding what makes you tick

*Finding out what gives you energy

*Learning who or what drains it

*Following your self-talk dialogue throughout the day

The challenge with today’s society is that we have been programmed to think that it’s not right when we start taking care of ourselves, when we start doing things for ourselves, or even when we start to say “no” to things we have always said “yes” to before. If we don’t take care of ourselves, that leads to unhealthy, unhappy people which in turns leads to an unhealthy, unhappy society. Who needs that?

You want to contribute to a happy healthy society don’t you?

You want to wake up in the morning and say “God, it’s great to be alive, so what can I tackle today?” instead of “Good God its morning, what’s gonna happen today?”

You want to be able to seize the bull by the horns and forge your own path, instead of life taking you by surprise and then dragging you along for the ride kicking and screaming while doing so.

And you most definitely desire a much more harmonious relationship with yourself. You want a life where you can look at yourself in the mirror and say “Wow, you look amazing, and let’s go do this thing called life today!” with a smile on your face and pep in your step.

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