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Welcome, you have landed here, because you want to live a happier, healthier stress-free life. The following is a recommended practice plan to get you started:

Recommended Daily Practice Plan for a Happy Life

It is helpful for us to be active in co-creating all aspects of our life.  These tips will help smooth the day to day issues that we may come across so that we can live a happier, healthier life. We only have one life, so we might as well live it-to the fullest.

In taking your life decisions into your own hands, you begin to take back your power, find focus in all areas of you life, and learn how to make life work for you. It is time for you to live your best life, starting now!

The following is what I have been doing with my coaching clients for years now and I am very excited and happy to be sharing all these great tips with you as well.This plan is relevant still and can help everyone if they follow it. Start out with one or two tips and then keep adding more. If at any time, you are interested in going deeper, we can also schedule a complimentary discovery session by filling out this form here

Before incorporating your daily practice, take the happy for no reason quiz here: The Happy for No Reason Questionnaire Then take it again 21 days after implementing all your new healthy habits.

Self-Care-The basics to any happy, healthy life, is taking care of your self, so there is more of you to take care of others.


  1. Meditation and Breath work. There is no right way to do meditation, as long as it works. In other words. If you find yourself more relaxed, able to handle stress better or even find yourself expressing more happiness, it is indeed working. Here is a simple meditation that you can do at any time when you are feeling a little frazzled or off your game:

Ex: Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and take a deep breath, while breathing in, imagine clean, energizing air coming into your lungs and filling your body with vitality. On your out breath, imagine all stresses, all thoughts, and any other uncomfortable thoughts, pain and/or feelings leaving your body. Do this at least three more times, noticing how relaxed, and energized you feel each time. (Scroll down on the bottom of the page to access more material on this subject matter)

  1. Eating Right– Start to focus on how and when you are eating. (Keep a food journal or find an app that helps you track it. What you are really looking at is when you eat, and why you eat- (Are you hungry or are you stressed) Paying attention to those little details will help you make the right food choices. (Learn a little bit more about stress eating and what to do about it here Eating Right
  1. Work Life Balance-Learning how to balance the amount of time you spend working with the amount of time you spend with family, yourself and other important areas in your life will make everyone happy. What do I mean by your work like balance? There are 8 very important areas in your life that need your attention. They are your health and wellness, friends and family, fun and recreation, Personal Growth, Work and Career, Money, and Physical Environment and Romance and Partner. In order for us to create a  balance in all areas of our life we must put some kind of time and energy into all of those areas in order to create a well-rounded life. (Do you want to check out how balanced your life really is? Fill out the wheel of life here) Wheel-of-Life-with-Instructions for client
  1. Movement/Activity-Make a list of all the kinds of movement and activity there is, then circle three that you could “tolerate or even like” and get it in your scheduler. (Track your movement and activity here) Physical Activity

Time Management and Organization. I cannot stress enough how important it is to pay attention what you do with your time. Time management is more than just making sure that your projects are done on time, but more about being able to plug in those (8 areas of the wheel of life)  talked about below into your busy schedule.


  1. Morning Routine- Intention, Visualization and Positivity-I am a big fan of starting the day with intention, and visualization for the best outcome of the day, week or even year. This can be totally fun and very rewarding, but you do want to make this into your morning routine.
  2. Step 1-Upon waking, visualize the most positive perfect outcome for your day
  3. Step 2-Be in a state of gratitude and positivity for it already happening
  4. Step back and watch what happens.

(Create your own personal affirmations with intent, visualization and positivity to help you with all your goals with this on-line how-to guide for $ scroll down to the bottom of the page for more info)

  1. Afternoon Routine- Take a break and move-We all tend to get that mid-afternoon slump some time during the day. I have found it to be helpful to break out of the same old, same old, and take a break and move. You can try and get a little bit more movement, activity, nutritional snack or even do 2-3 deep belly breaths to energize and keep you thinking clearly. You can go for a mini-walk outside or find a tree and sit underneath it and read a book or write in a notebook some thoughts, ideas or home project ideas you might have.
  1. Evening Routine-Wind down before bed, Gratitude Journal and Blessings and Lessons. Just as the morning routine is important to start the day off right. Your evening routine is just as important or even more so-because setting yourself up for a great nights sleep works wonders in all areas of your life. And your body will thank you for it. If there is one single tip you take from this page to decide to implement, This would be the one that I would highly recommend. First off, finding your own personal wind-down routine is actually a lot of fun, but you really have to make sure that it works for you, that you understand it, and even more so-recognize the great results you will get.
  1. Try and unplug (from any and all technological devices) 2 hours before bed time.
  2. Have your last meal or snack 3 hours before bed time. (This can be very taxing on your adrenal glands which in return can either keep you up at night.
  3. Before going to sleep, write down 3-4 things that you are grateful for in your gratitude journal. This can be something as simple as a roof over your head, or food in your belly, to just an over all happy feeling that everything went well that day.
  4. You can also take a moment and reflect on your blessings and challenging that day as well. The blessings can be an extension of the gratitude, and the challenges can be blessings in the fact that all people, places and situations that are challenging in essence are helping us to be a better person through personal growth.
  5. Over all an attitude of gratitude right before bed, not only makes for some sweeter dreams, but some wonderful eye opening insights in the morning as well. (Start your attitude of gratitude journal with this prayer) Gratitude Prayer

Support Systems-While self-care and time management is really important, without the proper support systems in place, all that you work for, and every new thing that you try to put into action won’t work if you don’t have support systems in place. People, place, and things that support who you are becoming and the changes that you need to make to live a happier, healthier life.

  1. People-The world is made of so many people, people that we love, people that we meet along the way that become are friends, and people that no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to make them happy. (not that that is our job any how but you get the picture) That is why it is so important to make sure that you have a great team of friends or people on your side that you can go to when you are having a bad day, or when you need to talk about a really important decision you need to make and you need someone who is gonna listen. (Make a list of all the people you can turn to when things suck here) Support Systems7022881-beautiful-nature-park
  1. Places- Not only is it important to surround yourself with a great team of people, it is also important to make sure that your physical environment support you as well. Do you ever notice when you are in a space that is cluttered with piles of paper, and books and clothes how much it actually effects your mental attitude? You feel more stressed, and out of sorts, because there is no space to let other things in. In addition, it is important to recognize what places make you feel peaceful, rejuvenated and relaxed? (Make a list of those special places and how they make you feel here) Support Systems


  1. Self-Care Tools-These are things that make you feel good, help you relax, bring joy, help you stay balanced and grounded.Here are some suggestions and tools that could help you

Young Living Essential Oils-I personally have been using Young Living Essential Oils since 2007 and they are by far my number one go-to self-care tool that gives me instant results, not only if I’m dealing with stress, but not to mention if I have a cold, or start feeling run down. So many uses in so many bottles.

A Journal or notebook to write down your feelings, thoughts, dreams and desires-I have been journaling since I was 14 and have even taught classes on it. But my three favorite tools to journal in are: A plain notebook with different sections based on what I want to do. I have even went so far as to have 8 different sections in my notebook (based on the wheel of life) Creating goals and action plans, steps and support tools and systems for each one. A must have for all my students and my coaching clients at all times. Fancy Dollar store journals with no lines-so I can incorporate drawings, diagrams and  pictues from magazines. But my ultimate go to journal/notebook just came into creation last year around Christmas. It is a slash journal, organizational system using nothing but a black and white comp book. I absolutely love this one-because if you are like me, I used to write down all sorts of notes, ideas, and contact info and would have to search all over to find what I did with it. Now, because pretty much every little thing that I write down or needs to be written down goes into that book with an index to break down the topics, titles, and dates, and times. It is especially useful for some one who is an entrepreneur and needs to keep track of all the necessary day to day things to run a business. (I’m about 95% sure I am going to create some kind of on-line product/course to really show people how to use it some day very very soon) As long as I get it in my book (-:

Inspirational Sayings and Affirmations  You can find inspirational sayings and affirmations every where but they don’t work unless you work them. More than just words and pretty pictures, when you apply yourself to the full process, you unlock the key to your powerful potential and power that lies within. (Learn how to really make these work for you with the guide and self-study course complete with over 15 examples you can use on your own.) (Link down below) Say it, see it, be it!!

Crystals and Gemstones-Crystals and gemstones are all the rage now, you know why??? Because they work, these little and big hunks of Mother Earth energy are just what the doctor ordered when looking for a boost of energy, a simple stress-reliever, and even to help with sleep. Let’s face it, we can’t always go out into nature especially when we are sitting at our desk at work, or working on a project inside, but we can bring nature inside to touch, to feel, to work with. And now we can wear our beautiful pieces of love from the earth. I have way too many favorites to list them here, but if you really want to know which one is best for you. Check out this chart of Crystal Heart beauties that I have for sale for $10 each or 3/$25.

Meditation Tracks-As mentioned above, there are many different types of meditation, and you want to find what works for you. But at the end of the day it is not which one you choose to do, but how consistent you are at doing it. As part of the download before you will receive several mini-meditation/breathing exercises that you will be able to use any time, all the time. Hint: I speak into my phone and/or computer and then play it back to listen to)

A Life Coach-Of course it would make sense for me to mention this here, because this is the service that I offer. But what exactly is a life coach and what do they do? There are so many coaches out there for health and wellness, for work, for relationships, and then they are even more targeted than that-but for me, my focus is on people living their life purpose, recognizing their gifts, skills and abilities and going out into the world and doing it. But because I have been a coaching clients for nearly 15 years, I am able to really hone in on what some one wants and needs and give them the tools, techniques and support in making that happen. So if you are looking at trying to live an overall happier, healthier life, I can help you with that. We can start with a personal complimentary discovery session to see if we should work together here

*Time Management Tools-In order to really beat stress and live a happier and healthier life.  Make sure that you schedule down time, fun time, family time, self-care time, in your schedule. Another words, balance all areas of you life, so if you have not filled out the wheel of life form to see where you putting your attention to and where your not-you can fill that out here. Wheel-of-Life-

But wait there is more:

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