New Year New You,

A New year is a chance to get it right again, A chance to give birth to the many aspects that are wanting to come through you. Are you ready for this inevitable change?  The only constant is change, and if we can embrace the concept that we are always changing we are doing pretty […]

SHINE Healing Training Immersion Day

SHINE Healing Training is a Soul Healing Integrative Natural Energy process that has been created by Renée Guidelli through many years of her channeled work with the ascended masters, star light beings, and universal source energy. Renée has received downloads and healing transmissions during sessions with clients, students as well as within her own meditations […]

Sweet Summer Time

Happy Summer Everyone, Can you feel it? The Warmth of the Sun revitalizing your senses, your solar plexus and your SOUL? Can you feel a passion for life lighting your body and spirit like a flame. Everything Blooms and Ripens now-it is the time of greatest light and warmth To celebrate this exuberant season use […]

Mothering the World

A few weeks back, I was sitting around thinking about what it actually means to “Mother the World” I mean really take the time for ourselves, for each other and mother the world. The concept and idea inspired me to create a sermon. I think that many of us are disillusioned by the fact that […]

May Day! May Day! In a GOOD way (:

Happy May Day everyone, and what a really fun day this can be if you want it to be. First off a little history about May Day: It is said that the May Day custom took place as far back as 1558 or even later in the Elizabethan times. There were two reasons why May […]

Bloom Where your Planted Craft Class

Its that super special time of the year again, where we start to harness the magical energy all around us. In this make and take manifestation class Saturday, April 20th 1:00-2:30  we look at what is the true meaning behind your name, gather symbols, words, phrases and images to attach to your pot, and plant […]

The Magic of May

I just love May, I love how all the flowers start to bloom, I love how the birds song is a little bit louder, and I especially love how the faery realm comes to life in so many ways. Yes you can catch a flower fairy flitting among the flowers in a wild or tame […]


Affirmations are a wonderful way to get you from where you are to a better place or a place that you have dreamt of. But they have to be believable, they have to be achievable, and not so far out of reach that you say phooey before its even out of your mouth, And yes […]