Monthly Events Calendar


Woman Spirit Rising 1st Friday of the Month from 5-7

Woman Spirit Rising is a gathering of Heart Centered Healers who want to share each other’s healing gifts for each other, the community as well as our beloved planet.

We will meet on the first Friday of the month from 5-7. This Love” day ruled by our beautiful planet and lady Venus will make the perfect background for our heart centered practices.

During our time together we will be giving and receiving energy, sharing our stories of healing and consciously working on raising the vibration of our planet.

September 8th

October 13th

November 10th

December 8th

Dancing around the Medicine Wheel (Every Other Sunday from 2-4)

Dancing around the medicine wheel is based on the great stone circles around the world that teach us about the law of RIGHT relationship with the mineral, plant, animal, and spirit world on Mother Earth.

We meet around the medicine wheel that was built in the spirit of our ancestors which guides our connection to all the aspects of the universe and ties us to both our personal and planetary present and future.

Please come with something to write with, and write on, a chair or cushion to sit on, and a drum or rattle for our opening and closing.

September 10

September 24th

October 8th

October 22nd

November 5th

November 19th

How Psychic Are you?  2nd and 4th Monday of the Month from 12:30-2:30

How Psychic Are you is part of the Intuitive/Psychic Development Group and has been created for those who want to sharpen their intuition and hone in on their psychic abilities for self-development.

We look at what kind of psychic you are and where your strengths lie in regards to the six senses. We also from time to time give and receive messages in a safe and sacred space and with each other’s permission. We honor and respect above all else-free will.

As we trust and act upon our intuition more we gain confidence not only in our gifts but all life decisions made from that very same place.

September 11th (Visit to Newton Battlefield) *Open to  Level 1 Students only*

September 25th

October 9th

October 23rd

November 6

November 20

Hearts of Ministry Worship services start up again (4th Friday of the month)

Ministry of Hearts Worship service is a monthly non-traditional participatory spiritual service dedicated to letting you search for the truth within your heart and soul.

There are inspiriting and uplifting messages, music ministry to soothe the soul, and healing energy for those who wish to participate in a safe, sacred, warm and inviting space.

September 22nd Autumn Equinox Service and Celebration 5-8

October 27th 6:00-7:30

November (to be determined)

December 22nd Winter Solstice service and Celebration 4-7

World Dragon Day Saturday October 7th 3-6

World Dragon Day is an opportunity for dragon lovers to come together with others around the world and celebrate the return of the Dragons.

Lets invite the dragons to play, sing, dance and cheer as we bring the dragon heart near. In its flame, in its power, Dragon mysteries are upon the hour.

Won’t you be a part of our Dragon Heart Journey on World Dragon Day.

Bring items for the dragon altar, a dish to pass and share, and any dragon stories, legends, and items you wish to speak about and speak into being.

The HIVE plan at SUNY Broome Saturday October 14th  8-5

Heart Light Center Open House November 11 from 11-4

Join us as we open our doors and share our dream of a heart conscious, community healing center that focuses on creativity, spirituality and sustainability in a safe sacred space that welcomes all walks of life and visions for the Global Heart.

Music, demonstrations, healthy eats, door prizes and various other experiences to warm your heart light will be on site.

SHINE (Soul Healing Integrative Natural Energy) Training Immersion Day Saturday November 18th from 10-6

To read the details and see what the training consists of follow this link

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