Gateway Acceleration Program

“Awaken to your truth,

Clarify the vision of what you want to create

and ignite the passion and purpose behind your being”


Accelerate your hidden purpose, power and passions and go out into the world and do it.

I designed this program to help spiritual and evolutionary truth seekers ignite, accelerate and embody their highest self so that they can make a much more powerful impact in their lives and the world. By incorporating my three most powerful offerings; visionary intuitive consultations, energy work and targeted coaching sessions I am able to better guide you to your purpose, passion and power in a much shorter time frame. Everything you need to live the life you were born to live and then some.

This program is for you if you’re desiring to…

◈ Open up to your  unique skills, gifts and abilities that you have been born with.

◈ Step fiercely and fearlessly into your Divine power so you can live your soul’s highest purpose

◈ Clear away limiting beliefs and energetic blocks so you can step into your brilliance and serve the world in bold, beautiful ways!


◈ Find new and exciting ways for your gifts, skills, and abilities that supports your vision of who you want to be and who you are becoming.

◈ Tap into your own intuitive guidance to manifest your deepest desires with ease, flow, and joy.

◈ Integrate  new-life supporting programs within your mind, body, and spirit for lasting happiness and success in all areas of your life.

◈ Acquire step-by-step intuitive guidance to create an unshakable personal foundation with everything you need and more to co-create your best life.

Some of the topics that we will work together on.  

◈ What your natural gifts and soul purpose are (What  you were put on this planet to express!)

◈ How to embody your signature life plan so you can experience the freedom and desires you long for in all areas of your life.

◈  Powerful, transformational tools and techniques that can be used daily to ignite radical shifts and breakthroughs over and over again.

What’s Included

    6 Private one on one sessions for evolutionary life purpose seekers

◈ 1 Visionary Intuitive Consultation that reveals what is holding you back from your life’s purpose (Normally $45 Each)

◈ 1 SHINE Healing Session (Soul Healing Integrative Natural Energy) A powerful yet gentle healing technique that releases you from what is holding you back while integrating new energy to align you with your higher self and purpose. (Normally $45 Each)

◈ 4 Targeted Coaching Sessions –Each one on one session is filled with intuitive guidance based on what is exactly needed for your personal growth, healing and embodiment of your true authentic self.  This is a very personal experience where the client is asked to participate in all sessions via guided meditations, expressive art activities, intentional work, and writing all created to deepen the experience in that moment as well as in your life. Your commitment and accountability reflects the acceleration of your progress. (Normally $50 Each Session)


In addition

◈ You get a step by step personal life guide with tips, tools and techniques designed especially for you to keep you on track, in place and focused on what really matters to you in life.

Investment: Introductory offer $202.00 until May 1st.

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