The Celestial Bridge

The Celestial bridge, is a page dedicated to channeled information from the realms of illumined truth.

These messages bridge the gap between what we are feeling, or experiencing and what the celestial beings are wanting us to know at this time so we can better understand and assimilate these feelings and or sensing.

This could be likened to an energy forecast for the month, a message for humanity, or just simply inspiration of light from guides, teachers and certain ascended masters.

There is no rhyme or reason for these channelings and they can come from being awoken in the middle of the night, to simply BEing in meditation to when I am sitting at the computer typing.

But it is my delight to offer this to you as another one of my compassionate worldly service missions for those with sight to see, and ears to hear.

May it bring you comfort, love, peace and joy in knowing you are not alone.

All my love in service to humanity and Gaia,


The Celestial Bridge-Channeled Information & Sign of things to come)