S.H.I.N.E. Healing Session

Awaken the best in you and let your inner light S.H.I.N.E

Experience the love, light and source energy you are

Do you want to release blocked, negative, or stuck energy

Do you want to remember and witness who you are?

Do you want to be fully present to your own divine wisdom and guidance?

SHINE or Soul Healing Integrative Natural Energy is a powerful but yet gentle healing technique that releases your unwanted negative thoughts and energies that do not serve you at this time while connecting you to the source energy that you are. You can download the colorful flyer here: Copy of S.H.I.N.E Healing Sessions(1)


Experience your own innate healing wisdom

Embody your true “blue print” soul essence 

Become the divine co-creator  being that you are.

During a session, I will channel higher frequency healing vibrations that release stuck, stagnant and unwanted energies, remove false and faulty programming and conditioning, and reconnect you to your HIGHER DIMENSIONAL Wisdom and crystalline template self.

Once this is achieved, you are aligned with your soul’s purpose and harmonized with the earth to do what you have come here to do.


Renee is a very compassionate and highly intuitive healer. I recently had a SHINE healing session with her and it was truly amazing! Her abilities to connect with spirit and her healing gifts brought me much needed information and guidance for mind and body. My session with Renee solidified some important decisions that I had just recently made and also helped me to open up and acknowledge my own intuitive abilities. After my healing session, my mind was clearer and many neat things are happening in my life. My intuitive abilities are increasing every day, I am receiving messages that help guide my life daily, and I am able to see energy on people and know what area on the body needs healing the most. Renee has given me tools to use on a daily basis to help me continue on a wonderful life path that she was able to have a part in opening up. I feel so blessed to have met Renee.”

All you need to do is sit back, be receptive and let the flow of the divine energy do the rest.

What you may experience during a typical trans formative session:

Clearer goals, dreams and visions of your future

Harmony with earth and all its inhabitants

Higher purpose connected through your heart’s truth

Utilization and expansion of your gifts and abilities

Evolution of your soul’s blue print

Happy and fulfilling relationships

Sound mind, body and spirit

Ability to function better as a human on an ever changing planet

Transcendence from old pain and suffering programs

One of the BEST things I could say about Renee Guidelli is the ability she has to spark play and lightheartedness when you least expect it in a session, so you really feel she is on the same team as you, it is POWER WITH, EMPOWERMENT instead of Power OVER ;] which I experienced in a SHINE (Soul Healing Integrative Energy Session) The assertive command Renee shares is crucial to your success, which is the reason why so many are still blocked, stagnant, and unmotivated…they are scared and need a greater FIRE lit beneath and within them! Renee is THIS! I admire Renee dearly and will forever endorse her passions that come directly from her Highest Source of LOVE! – Brooke, Binghamton, N.Y.

Why I do this work that I love to do:

My purpose is to assist humanity with the great awakening and shift that is taking place. Through my love of creating sacred space, connecting with the ascended masters, intuitive artwork, channeling, and all things magic, I am here to help you remember your own divinity and unity consciousness.

Through my nearly 20 years of shamanic wisdom, healing,  gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, as well as my ability to walk between the worlds, I blend truth, sacredness, and unconditional love in a way that activates your soul’s code to help you remember why you are here, and what you are here for.

As a channel of divine frequency as manifested through infinite ascended beings of light such as angels, ascended masters, goddesses, star beings, crystals, and essential oils. I joyfully accept my mission as a light worker and hope bringer to all of humanity in servitude to Gaia as a catalyst for personal growth, healing and ascension for the greater good of all.

I very much look forward to being a part of your healing journey,

In love and servitude for humanity and Gaia,

Renee “Spirit Dancer” Guidelli



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