Woman Spirit Rising

Woman Spirit Rising –Three Powerful One on one healing, coaching, and reading sessions that activate the Goddess/Sacred Feminine/Priestess Within.  $99. 00  for all three

1st session-Goddess Oracle Reading to see where you’re resisting the Goddess energy, understand what to do about it, and implement a plan to do so to bring forth your gifts and truest potential.  The perfect merging of past, present and future.

Woman with Eagle2nd session- Goddess Energy Work to release and remove the beliefs, thoughts, and energy that is keeping you from your True Goddess Essence while filling you with divine Goddess healing energy so you can step into the powerful Goddess being that you are.

3rd Session- Goddess Temple Initiation-Direct personal healing transmission done within a  private sacred ceremony  that connects you to the “Great Mother” herself where you surrender to your true mission and purpose as a daughter of the universe.  And ultimately as the Grail Carrier. You are now ready and activated to be of service as a Goddess Daughter  to the Great Goddess Mother of all beings and will receive instructions to carry out that mission for your future.

Embracing and Embodying the Goddess Within Class

Temple of the Goddess Sacred Tools