My Young Living Story

I have been using Young Living Essential oils and health and wellness products since 2006. I use them everyday and have found they enhance and heal my life on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). I also integrate them in my life coaching and healing practice.They make a wonderful complement to the services that I provide. Whether some one is looking for some peace and calming to help them through a stressful day, a little pick me upper like peppermint for that extra shot of energy or some valor to keep you centered, grounded and ready for action, There is an oil for what ever ails you-Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually.I believe that true healing reflects how you are nourished, how you nourish others, and the way you function in the world.

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 Invest in and value above all else-YOU!! (Mind, Body and Soul) The complete package
┬áIt’s OK to make YOU a priority Give your body a healing gift today!!

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