To Sign Up as a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor

 How to set up your Young Living Account:

Distributor Account – This is the best option because as a Distributor, you Save Money by ordering products at 24% discount each time you order .

Once your distributor account is set up, just purchase a Distributor Kit for as low as $40. If you don’t know anything about the oils, this can be your introduction to them and you can build as you want to from that.

(Discount is activated when you purchase your Distributor Kit.)

No Obligation to Sell or Distribute Products and No Monthly Obligation to Purchase Products

 The only requirement is to have at least one order of at least $50. PV per year. Otherwise your Distributor Account will be dropped in the 13th month. If that happens, you will have to purchase another Distributor Kit to reactivate.

You will be assigned your own Distributor Number to use in either ordering future products for yourself or referring people to Young Living.

Many people are so pleased with the products, they tell friends and family. If you decide to do that, just give people your Distributor Referral Number and they can sign up under your number.

 Young Living Business ( optional )

You have the option to build a business if you’d like to. Young Living is a referral based company so you don’t need to stock and retail products. Young Living pays you on all the sales from all the people you refer. There is no pressure ever to do this and you don’t have to do this at all. You can just enjoy the 24% savings on any oils you choose to purchase.

 Sign up Via Phone

You can use my referral number, which is 860481 when you call to order or to set up your account.

The first time you may want to enroll by phone, Call 1-800-371-2928, so you can talk to a live person and they can help you with any questions you may have.

The phone hours are between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.(MST) Monday – Friday, to order with a live operator. You will be asked for a sponsor number, use my referral number, which is 860481.

To enroll as an Independent Distributor requires ordering one of 5 Distributor Kits: ( This is required only once and you only have to order one kit.  For all of the options as far as Distributor Kits, follow this link to open the kits page in a new tab/window. )

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