Healing With Ascended Masters

Healing with the Ascended Masters is a program that has been created for you to experience the truth, love and light that you are through the ascended masters.

Each gathering will consist of a guided meditation, and a healing modality transmitted through a specific ascended master such as Jesus, Buddha, Mary, Kwan Yin, and White Tara.

Not only will you receive a healing from the ascended master yourself, but you will also be given instructions on how to recreate the healing within yourself and others over and over again.

You will receive healing transmissions and  instructions from:

The Blessed Mother-Nurturing from a place of giving and receiving.

White Tara- Purification of mind, body and spirit.

Buddha-Forgiveness of self and others.

Each gathering is $20.00 and you don’t have to come to each one.

*To get the most out of these gatherings, it is recommended that you bring something to program and infuse such as crystals, jewelry, a favorite scarf, etc.*