The Path of the Shaman

“In Shamanism we don’t see the world as it is, we dream the world awake and then we create it the way we want to see it”.-Renee

There are many people all around the world who are feeling the effects of what we are doing to the planet and what we are doing to each other as a whole.

If you are feeling called to contribute to the healing of the earth, your community, or your home in any shape, way, or form, then perhaps the path of the Shaman is for you.

The age-old wisdom of Shamanism, which reaches back to the stone-age or the Paleolithic times, is alive and well today. It is still used by traditional healers around the globe, but the ancient methods have also been put to contemporary everyday use for self-help and self-healing.

In recent years, Shamanism has been embraced in different ways by various groups including the following:
• Medical practitioners seeking alternative medical therapies
• Psychologist and psychiatrist seeking new ways to understand and treat mental illness
• Therapists, counselors, group facilitators and workshop leaders seeking new paths to personal development and self help
• Religious leaders and individual believers seeking a more ecstatic approach to revitalize religion
• Business leaders interested in spiritual methods to better motivate and inspire employees and themselves
• Individuals seeking to help and heal themselves as well as find a community with other seekers.

The essence of shamanism is that an individual practitioner is able to go into an altered state to communicate with or obtain help from spirits and to cross over into the spiritual world to gain visions. The Shaman then directs this spiritual power usually for a positive, healing purpose, through diagnosis and treating illness and other problems.

Being able to see into the world of spirits is essential to shamanism. it is this gift of seeing that enables shamans to peer past the veil of everyday reality into other realms of non-ordinary or spiritual reality.
What makes this special way of seeing or perceiving a part of shamanism is the way it is used in combination with other shamanic activities to help and heal.

You too can draw on the powers of Shamanism for the path of the Shaman is the path of the self in its deepest connection to nature.

There is no pre-requisite to become a shaman. Here is a look at the classes for the The Path of the Shaman program.

Class 1: Stepping on the Path –Prerequisite for the advance classes.  We begin the journey by examining what our personal goals, and desires to be a Shaman are. Is it for self-discovery and personal development or does it extend beyond that. We look at what it takes to do the work and give you the right tools.

Class 2: Remembering the Path– Prerequisite for the advance classes. We become aware of our connection to everything. We experience the true essence of our nature and look at the many ways that we can SEE for ourselves, our community and the world we live in. I call this the Coming Home stage.

Class 3: Reclaiming the Path-Prerequisite for the advance classes
Now that we recognize who we really are, and what we are capable of doing. It is time to reclaim that power to know and heal ourselves, to use our gifts and understand our place in this world. Expressing our power for the greater good.

$75.00 for all three classes.