*Manifesting your Greatness*


Do you want to know what YOUR life’s purpose is?

Not just learn what you have come here to do but actually go out and DO IT?

I know there is a lot of material out there that addresses why we are here and what we have come here to do as human beings, but what you see and read about this topic is not always directed to you, and while they are great programs, they are not able to really hone in on what YOU really need and then implement a plan to give it to you. The manifesting your greatness program allows you to interact with a real person in real time giving your more support and even moral  support every step of the way. .

You crave a deeper connection to yourself and your purpose, finding that magic within you which is the key to be the light that you are.

Imagine if you could hone in on what holds you back, why it holds you back and heal that once and for all?

What if you could be infused with your own unique light so it finally
shines as brightly as it’s meant to?

How would it feel to be in alignment with your gifts and finding a way to use them?


Take your life to where you want to go by doing it all with passion, connecting to your life’s purpose, and being ignited with endless possibilities.

I will tune right into you and illuminate what is working and what is not, what is in line with your soul and guide you towards a bigger and brighter complete YOU in life.

I will use my intuitive and coaching gifts to see within – to find those spaces that need support and help you understand who you really are at your deepest core.

This work is transformative on every level and will take you from that lost confused feeling of not knowing what’s next straight to your path to freedom, fulfillment, success and joy.

 Are you ready to dive in with me?


Join me, Renée Guidelli,

Your Life Purpose Strategy Guide for:




A divinely inspired coaching program

Awaken and Open to your gifts

Discover and embrace the gifts that you have

Work on your big “why” you want to do what you want to do

Uncover your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to embrace them both

Align yourself with your gifts

Know yourself and the relationship to your gifts

Remove obstacles

WHO R U (see yourself bigger than yourself and how you came here to serve)

Discover your own personal power so that you can consciously create every moment to reflect your inner dreams and wishes

Activate your gifts, you and your “action plan”

Know what it takes to believe in you, your dreams and MAKE IT HAPPEN

Tap into your highest potential over and over and over again

Set goals, bench marks, and your first real “SEE MY LIGHT” event

This program entitles you to

*1 45 minute a week laser coaching call

*Unlimited email and private message access at all times

*Treasure Mapping your passions strategies

And tools to:

Unlock and Unleash your gifts

Instill Confidence, Mindfulness and Heart Centered Practices

Discover what lights you up and go out and DO IT!

In these intensive one on one sessions we explore:

*What is holding you back

*What is your message to the world and is it a true reflection of who you really are and how you really want to be seen?

*Realigning you with your true purpose

*Personal goals and set a game plan that represents the real you to attract the perfect opportunities for you to live out your life’s purpose

The Inner Work

*We work on your mind set and align it with your heart to remove those self-limiting beliefs and reconnect you with your purpose and mission

*We come up with your manifesting and visualization action steps to get you on the fast-track to co-creation

Action Time

*We take all that we uncovered and create an actionable plan for you to implement to fuel your passion, and start brainstorming options for what’s next

*You will come away with a clear picture of what you are truly meant to be doing and how you can achieve it without wasting any more time.

The time for you to live YOUR life’s purpose is NOW!

Are you ready to ignite your divine passionate spark with me?

Great let’s get started with a complimentary discovery call session, You can pick the perfect date and time here. http://www.lifecoachrenee.com/calendar/

I look forward to helping you SHINE and be the BRIGHT LIGHT that you are!!