The Temple of the Goddess

It is our time as women to awaken to the Wisdom teachings of the Goddess within us and all around us! Women everywhere are hearing the call to share our voices, birth our visions, and help to midwife the collective shift on planet earth.

Our need for connection, community, peace and harmony cannot be underestimated. Women are so much more powerful than we have realized and when it comes from love in action, we can indeed move mountains and manifest miracles in our bodies, in our communities and our planet.

It is my intention to support you in embodying your full expression of the Divine Feminine , to nurture you in being the Goddess you intrinsically are, and to offer you a direct experience of your divine/priestess wisdom.


The Temple of the Goddess does this by recognizing and embodying the various Goddess Characteristics so that they may be brought to the forefront of our own awareness, as well as to the awareness of the whole world.

Together, In the Temple of the Goddess  we can create an amazing sacred circle of sisterhood where the most potent transformation can take place through classes, services and sacred tools that support and sustain you.


Embodying and Embracing the Goddess Within. A Workshop series that opens you to the gifts of the Goddess through guided meditations, intentional energy work, storytelling and sacred tools that you create and take with you.


Woman Spirit Rising-Powerful one on one healing, coaching and reading sessions that activate, and deepen the Goddess within.

Sacred Tools

Sacred healing tools lovingly crafted to support and sustain your inner Goddess with direct healing transmissions from different Goddesses.