Tapping into your Wise Woman Ways

 Do you have difficulties following your intuition?

🌸Do you want to FINALLY listen to your inner knowing and act from a place of confidence?

🌸Do you want to completely TRUST your decisions and actions in all that you do?

🌸Are you ready to say GOODBYE to second guessing yourself and TUNE into your intuition and create the happy healthy life you have always dreamed of?

Yes? Then I’d like you to imagine what your life can REALLY be like with more tools, techniques and tips that will help you discover Your Inner Wisdom and harness your personal power in all areas of your life through The Tapping into your Wise Woman Ways coaching program.

In the Tapping into your WISE WOMEN WAYS coaching program,

🌸You’ll be given tools to immediately tune into your inner wisdom to activate your personal power

🌸Feel reconnected to your Wise Woman Ways READY to live a HAPPY healthier life

🌸Gain a new perspective in your abilities and instill a confidence from your inner knowings you’ll receive so you can start to live a happy healthy life.

💖🌟🌸 And here’s a BONUS, you will receive a higher self guided meditation CD with several intuition boosting journeys if you claim a spot today.

Your Higher Self Guided Meditation CD will be the perfect support material to guide your Wise Woman Ways and to remind you of how you are increasing your intuition to create a HAPPY HEALTHY LIFE. Listen to it every day to ensure a quickening and increase in your abilities to experience results right away.

🌸So what do you say are you ready to stop RELYING on others to make important decisions in your life?

🌸Are you tired of second guessing YOUR own decisions and confidence?

🌸And do you truly desire to TUNE into your inner knowing and higher self wisdom so you can FINALLY live the life you TRULY deserve?


Then that is exactly why I created a first time TAPPING INTO YOUR WISE WOMEN WAYS introductory offer program to reconnect with your intuition and REDISCOVER your inner WISE Women.

 THE TAPPING INTO YOUR WISE WOMAN WAYS 2 Month Program is for Heart Centered Women looking to listen, understand and be guided from their sacred power place.

 This program is for you if your desiring to

Trust your Inner Voice-Learn how to REALLY listen to your inner voice and trust your decisions and actions from a place of personal power through guided meditations and strength training exercises geared toward developing your intuition

Build your Confidence-Discover what its like to believe in you, what you say, what you believe, and what you know to be true about you and the world around you. From that place you will be able to communicate clearly your needs, your wants and desires to others leading to many more positive and life affirming relationships.

Connect with Higher Self-Become who you have truly been sent here to be, your purpose, your role, your soul’s calling all lies within your connection to your higher self. When in this place you experience peace, joy and personal growth at a level that transforms your entire life. Learn how to BE your higher self at every moment.

What 2 Months of Wise Woman Guidance with me looks like:

*Creative Art Projects that free your voice for true self-expression

*Chakra Balancing to ensure all energy pathways are open

*Working with your Heart’s Compass to chart your passions

*Meditations and Visualizations to develop your inner guidance

*Compassionate Communication for healthy happy relationships

* Wise Woman Warrior Affirmations to step into your personal power

*Ceremonies/Rituals and Sacred Space Creation to keep you connected to your wise woman ways

*Energy Work and Magic to heal, balance, align and release any stuck, stagnant or unwanted beliefs that no longer serve your new way of being.


Your invitation is waiting schedule a FREE no obligatory 45minute Tapping into your Wise Women Ways discovery call to see if this program is the right fit for you. Click here and let’s start the conversation. http://www.lifecoachrenee.com/calendar/

In Wellness and Delight
Renee Guidelli
Your Wise Woman Wayshower