Temple of the Goddess Sacred Tools

Goddess Sacred Tools

Sacred healing tools lovingly crafted to support and sustain your inner Goddess with direct healing transmissions from different Goddesses.

Goddess feeding bird long way

The Nectar of the Goddess –Crystal Elixirs that invoke and connect you to specific Goddesses. $33.00  Each Bottle

Goddess Guide Me Roll Ons & Vibrational Sprays for self, home and sisterhood. all 3 for $33.00

Goddess Sacred Self Care Kit-Includes Nectar of the Goddess, Goddess Guide Me Vibration Spray, and Gemstones with Grid all tucked away in a nice little gift box. $66. 00 for total*

*Add 3 Woman Spirit Rising Sessions to the Goddess Self-Care Kit $168.00*

Embracing and Embodying the Goddess Within Class $99