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From the individual just stepping on the path to the awakened light worker who is looking for community, compassion, and guidance in an ever changing world…………

I am your go to LIFE GUIDE

Through coaching, spiritual counseling, readings, and classes, I create an environment for your true authentic self to come through and shine in all that you do.

I have been working intuitively with divine energies since a young child and have devoted my life to help awaken and anchor the higher conscious energies of our planet which starts with each and every one of us. And most definitely YOU!

If you want to awaken to your gifts, remember who you really are and discover how to express your highest self for the greater good of all; I can do that for you. And we can start right now!

Life Purpose Coaching identifies what your skills, gifts and abilities are and creates a “life plan or guide” for you to follow. Whether you want to pursue a life-long dream or you just want some peace and clarity in your life. Life Purpose Coaching gives you the tools and techniques to take control of your life, uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating.

I really love helping people realize their gifts, their light and their abilities and then walk them through the process step by step while gently nudging them down the road or tightly squeezing their hand as they get closer and ready to SHOW UP and SHOW THEMSELVES in the true light they are.

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