About Renee

Greetings, so happy that you have found me,

My name is  Renee Guidelli,

I am a spiritual teacher, energy healer, intuitive channel and ordained minister. I have nearly 20 years of experience inspiring and empowering individuals and groups to awaken to their gifts and live the life they were born to live.

I am also the founder of Heart Centered Living which is a cooperative of like-minded-open hearted individuals who share their heart inspired ideas, services, classes and events with other heart centered individuals.

My story:

I have always walked to the beat of a different drum. I grew up in a small town which has a lot to do with who I am  and what I do today. My three faves growing up were:

Being out in nature from dusk to dawn; frolicking in the fields, playing with the frogs, swimming in the river, talking to the flowers and the trees, walking in the woods, you name it, If it was outside I was doing it.

Playing sports, whether it was soccer, base ball or my favorite Softball. It was not the competition that I enjoyed-as much as the teamwork and the feeling that we were all working together towards the same goal and it was fun and rewarding (How many times do you hear goals and fun in the same sentence).

Creating anything Artsy; Painting, Drawing, Dancing, Acting, pretty much making things from my head come alive with my hands, heart and insatiable spirit of play.

I  had this crazy way of getting people to believe in magic, and miracles and most especially themselves by simply being themselves. I guess you can say I really have not changed a bit except now as an adult I know  that you can’t just wave your magic wand in the air and hope that something magical, and/or miraculous is going to happen without doing the inner work first.

What I do

Over the last 20 years, I have developed, programs, tools, and events that help and guide individuals on the path of self-discovery weaving and incorporating my three faves of my childhood as mentioned above

1. Nature

2. Teamwork

3 Creativity

I really love helping people realize their gifts, their light and their abilities and then walk them through the process step by step while gently nudging them down the road or tightly squeezing their hand as they get closer and ready to SHOW UP and SHOW THEMSELVES in the true light they are.

How I do it:

From the individual just stepping on the path to the awakened light worker who is looking for community, compassion, and guidance in an ever changing world…………

I am your go to LIFE GUIDE

Through coaching, spiritual counseling, readings, and classes, I create an environment for your true authentic self to come through and shine in all that you do.

Why I do it:

I have been working intuitively with divine energies since a young child and have devoted my life to help awaken and anchor the higher conscious energies of our planet which starts with each and every one of us. And most definitely YOU!

My dream:

My dream is for everyone to re-discover who they really are and come together as one to heal themselves and the planet as well.

Join me on a path of self-discovery to find your true purpose and help me fulfill my dream and yours.

If you want to awaken to your gifts, remember who you really are and discover how to express your highest self for the greater good of all; I can do that for you. And we can start right now!

I can’t wait to connect and ignite your light that wants to shine!,

Love, Light and Pixie Dust,

Renee Guidelli

Your Fairy Godmother, Dreamweaver and Earth to Spirit GUIDE

Me with Scarf

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