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My Journey to Integer

Integer Logo

Integer Network just makes sense for me.  It is the other place I belong.  As much as I long to serve my community of 50 plus women, there is another side of my heart that longs to serve everyone else too. At Integer Network I get to serve everyone else.  The heart and words of Integer Network, simply called out to me and said this is your other home.  I love their application and true commitment to their words.  Words like authenticity, wholeness, journey vulnerability and friend to name a few. I am free to be all of me at Integer Network and as a team we invite others to be the same.  There’s a dedication to excellence and yet there is also a kick your shoes off and get grounded feel about Integer Network and I love it! So if you are not a woman over 50 and you want to experience the transformation and the abundance of personal growth coaching reach out to me.  We have coaching packages for individuals, teams, couples, church and corporate groups too. 

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